Well, we are fans of footwear; therefore we invest in them time and again to have a perfect walk on the street or for the events. However, there is a right and wrong way of styling the footwear, and one should understand these ways, in order to have the perfect dressing. Remember this there are certain fellows who will look into your shoes and judge you for who you are. Thus, with correct dressing, correct shoes are also important. So let’s get into our shoe styling guide for today.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots have grown in popularity in recent years. Most of us have invested in them and those who haven’t are curious to find the perfect pair of boots for them. Knee-high boots can to really trendy and stylish for everyone. Those who have short legs can really create a great illusion with these. If you wear knee-high boots then you must wear these with skinny jeans. If you wear any other jeans instead you are creating the pump in the middle which is not likely. While wearing the knee-boots it doesn’t matter what shape you are you have to wear the skinny jeans only, other jeans do get together and create the bulk at a point that doesn’t look good at all.

Light Outfit with Light Shoes

The myth that a black pair of shoes works well with all outfits is proven wrong with the introduction of white pants. We all have loved the new trend of white pants. Even those who were scared to try on these jeans have begun to wear white jeans. It is such a classic wardrobe piece that you need to have. So styling black shoes with white jeans even when you are wearing blacktop, is not going to be pleasing. Instead, if you wear something in that tone like grey will work best in that situation. Why because white is a pretty light color anything dark in the feet will only point out your shoes in your attire. This isn’t what we want, we want to observe head to toe, not the only toe. So, next time wear white or light shade with light jeans or pants.

Out Sock Shoes

It is not a good look for your feet. Since ever we have been showing one single layer adjoining with our pants at the bottom. However, when we use the peeking socks we are getting two layers meeting with the top jeans? The two different layers look not only weird but bad. If you are wearing sneakers or any sort of shoes then you need to have the no peek sock beneath them. It can be worn inside loafers as well if you feel sweaty most of the time. These will let the ankle point be seen with the two merging layers and no third sock interfering in the middle. So switch to no show sock if you haven’t already.

Red Heels

Red is a pretty blunt color on its own. Pairing it with colorful pants like orange or yellow cannot look good at all. Since the color itself has some definition you don’t want to redefine it using another color. Wear neutrals with the red heels like grey, black, and white you will be able to show off the red heels and pull on the outfit together. Therefore, if we wear too many colors with this, we will look like a colorful clown and not subtle. So choose to wear red heels wisely next time.

Leopard Prints

Again leopard print is a powerful print if not worn correctly can ruin the look. Since it is a bold pattern you need not wear solids dress or pants with these. Something single color or neutral can make it work. Try wearing beige, tan, white, or black with these heels or shoes you will find it working perfectly.

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