Some Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Followed By Women

Some Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Followed By Women

Most of the women are not die heart followers of rules. Well for sure you can experiment with clothing and dressing up now and then. But sometimes there are disastrous styling on the street which are followed by us. These turn our outfits into something else. It makes us look like an alien in the world of humans. You must be thinking I am taking it too far but honestly there are women who love to follow such fashion styles in their everyday attire. They have such great physic and the clothing they are wearing is of phenomenal quality but there is something which is diverting the attention to the wrong body part. So today we will be discussing a few such items followed by you that need to be quitted today.

Lacy Undergarments

Yes, I am not suggesting you quit them all for sure but avoid them with skin fitting clothes. If you love to wear formals then you need to know that formal is very sleek fabric. Therefore, you need to wear seamless undergarments in them. If you are wearing a silk blouse then you can wear a lacy bra but you must not wear its other half. You have got it, I am talking about underwear. Because most of the work pants have to be designed with not so thick fabric, therefore, whenever you wear lacy underwear with it all the texture is visible outside. It doesn’t make you look appealing at all.

Sport shoes

You have dressed up the most elegant outing outfit and for your toes, you choose to wear sports shoes; what a disaster. You can wear any skinny jeans and top with, loafers, or vans, even sneakers but sports shoes are meant for your workout only. They are not meant to be for your routine chore. The women with toes problems can definitely not pull out other shoes from the rack but the one who is; are also choosing to do so. Why do you have to do that to your attire and personality? You do all the labor to tie the lazes whereas if you wear slide on loafers then you will look much better and you will need to do nothing.

Correct Monochromatic Look

If you are going for a monochromatic look for the day, then you need to make sure the color you are choosing is falling in one single shade of the color. Suppose if we talk about an all-black look, then you must have you top, your bottom even your jacket in a similar shade. Remember here I am talking about shades, not fabric. If you plan on wearing jet black color then wear leather pants or a leather jacket which has to be in jet black tone. It doesn’t matter that you are wearing a cotton tee with jeans and a leather jacket as long as they are in a similar tone. Wearing two different shade of the same color will not give you this look; it will make you feel awkward especially when you are walking in the sunlight.

Season Appropriate

Wearing open-toe shoes in the snow is no way what we are expected to wear. And that too with the socks revealing, lady please you don’t want to harm your toes. They will be all swollen up but the next day and you will have no option rather than wear these open toes. Get yourself leather boots or if you are vegan then we have snow boots which can be knee-length. You don’t have to wear all the modern block heels in the snow. Wearing flat’s is what you need to have in the toes, especially if you walk for work. Showing off your heels you might be able to turn up hurting yourself; therefore, make a better choice for yourself next time.

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