Step-by-Step guide for smudged eyeliner look

Step-by-Step guide for smudged eyeliner look

Much like fashion trends, makeup trends also keep evolving with time. And even when the trends are not to be thanked, we makeup junkies are well capable of creating eye makeup looks that can create a sensation online very quickly. While bold eye makeup look always steals the show, smudged eyeliner, which is simple yet incredibly chic, will always remain pretty special and can never be replaced by any other eye makeup look in our books. Besides that fact that smudged eyeliner softens the entire look and is barely seen, it is also pretty easy to create and barely require any effort to nail the look perfectly.
Smudged eyeliner look is arguably one of the hottest and simplest make up trends out there, which can work wonders for your look. This makeup look will also come super handy to those girls who quite struggle with keeping their eyeliner in place and gets smudged all the time.

Prime your lids

First things first, the most important step to perform before you continue with your eye makeup is to apply a primer on your lids. It is an extremely important step, which won’t only make your eye makeup long-lasting but will also keep your smudged eyeliner intact throughout the day. Apply a tiny amount of matte primer on your lids and after letting it settle on your lids perfectly, you can continue with the eye makeup.

Apply eyeliner


This eye makeup revolves around the eyeliner; therefore, you will have to be pretty careful here and try not to make any mistake. After taking your eyeliner, apply it nicely across your lids very carefully. You can apply the eyeliner the same way you do it normally. Just make sure that you’re not using liquid eyeliner as it gets dry very quickly, which won’t leave time for you to smudge it. Prefer using gel-based eyeliner; using a makeup brush, apply the eyeliner over your lash line. You can choose to keep it either simple by drawing a fine line or give it a dramatic effect by drawing a wing.

Smudge the eyeliner


Now comes the most crucial and possibly the best part, smudging. You have to be pretty attentive here to make smudging looking as neat as possible. You can do this step by using either a cotton swab or pencil brush. Whatever you choose, just make sure to be very careful while smudging out the eyeliner. Try to make the eyeliner look as soft as possible and be very gentle while smudging it out.

Apply eyeshadow

It is an optional step; you can either continue with it or skip it entirely. And if you want to add more drama to your look and make it appear more glam, then you should apply the eyeshadow of your choice. Eyeshadow should be applied after you’re done creating the smudged eyeliner and not before that. Also, instead of using bold eyeshadow colors, try sticking to neutral tones, as these two make for a stunning combination.

Correct mistakes


Now that everything is done and no more smudging or blending is required, you can work on correcting those mistakes, which might have happened while creating the smudged eyeliner look. And it’s pretty simple; you will only require a cotton swab and makeup remover to correct those mistakes. Take a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and use it to correct all the mistakes or clean the areas that appear messy to you. This will help to make your smudged eyeliner look a lot neater and precise.
These are all the steps that you need to follow to create the smudged eyeliner look and voila! You will be ready to rock the day with those sultry, soft eyes.

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