Small bumps on the forehead can be very pesky. Since, forehead forms to be a part of your T-zone which secrets more oil, the forehead is susceptible to acne. However, apart from the sebum production, there are many other underlying reasons that cause forehead acne. Dandruff, itchy scalp, stress, menopause, genetics, hot weather, and product reactions are some of the major causes that you develop small bumps on the forehead.
If you’ve done everything possible still, there is no significant improvement we have scooped out the most effective tips that will help you to control the breakout on your forehead.
Read the following tips if you want to knock-off forehead acne from the list.

Control Excess Sebum Production

The excess sebum production is the root cause of all type of acne and since forehead has the major brunt of sebum production it’s really important that if you want to control the tiny bumps you need to control the sebum production. Here are a few ways in which you can control excess sebum production-

• Use Salicylic Acid Cleanser twice a day.
• Do not over-wash your face.
• Incorporate chemical exfoliation
• Never over-exfoliate
• Try oil-free products
• Use chemical sunscreen as it will not clog your pores
• Avoid too much layering of skincare products
• As a weekly pampering use clay masks

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Your forehead is closely associated with the scalp thus the health of the scalp will directly affect the forehead. Oily and irritated scalp leads to tiny bumps on the forehead so, it’s very important that you take care of your scalp. Here are a few ways that will help in taking care of your scalp.
• Wash Your Scalp twice a week
• Avoid SLS based Shampoo instead use mild formulations free from any harmful chemicals
• Don’t over-rinse your hair
• Nourish your scalp at least once a week

Reduce Stress

The biggest reason for acne is stress which very least of us are familiar with. If you’re wondering how stress augments the acne breakouts here is the answer. Stress increases the cortisol hormone which is a stress-related hormone that overdrives the sebaceous which results in more oil production. Here are a few stress-relieving tips that will help you in reducing stress-
• Regular Exercising
• Meditate once a day
• Reduce caffeine intake
• Try Yoga
• Think Affirmatively
• Stop Over-thinking

Control Dandruff

Dandruff is known to be the root cause of acne on the forehead so, if you have dandruff and acne on the forehead instead of finding ways to control acne first look for treating the root cause i.e. dandruff. Dandruff is a result of the dry and undernourished scalp and results in an itchy scalp. Here, are a few steps that will eliminate dandruff.
• Once a week use an anti-dandruff shampoo
• Oil your hair regularly
• Try natural ingredients such as fenugreek seeds and aloe vera gel on to the roots of your hair
• Before you wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo, apply tea-tree oil on the roots and keep it for about one hour

Hair Products


Whatever you apply on to your forehead directly affects the forehead thus using chemical loaded strong hair sprays and gels can irritate your scalp leading to tiny bumps on the forehead, therefore, try not to use too many hair products.
Too much layering of hair products is also bad, it will lead to greasy scalp and the grease will clog your pores hence as much as possible restrict yourself from using hair sprays and gels.

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