4 habits to follow for healthy looking nails

4 habits to follow for healthy looking nails

Having pretty hands but not pretty nails can be a major turn off for anyone. While adding nail polish to the nails helps in hiding your natural nail appearance and texture but what really matters is what lies below. Much like you enjoy pampering and grooming your skin and hair, your nails also need to be looked after in order to promote nail growth and healthy appearance. Not taking care of nails can easily result in a number of undesirable situations such as fungal growth, brittle and weak nails leading to easy breakage of the nails. Hence, it’s extremely important to pay heed to your nails and that can easily be done if you follow certain healthy habits that can further transform your weak nails into wondrous ones in no time. We have gathered a list of a few nail care tips for you that will ensure your nails remain in its healthy state.

Use acetone-free nail polish remover

Leaving your chipped nail polish for days is one of the worst, unhealthy and ugly habits to follow. What you don’t realize is, nail polishes have certain products in them that can harm your nails in a number of ways and starts to make them very weak, brittle and less lustrous. To make sure your nails remain in its healthy state, don’t forget to apply a nail enamel remover around the skin as well as your nails. Using acetone-free nail polish remover is the best choice for you to remove your nail enamel with as it does not dry out your nails and keeps them looking all lustrous and healthy.

Trim your nails regularly

Much like your hair needs trimming to stimulate healthy hair growth, trimming your nails is also an important step to keep them looking all healthy and beautiful. Nail trimming is best done after taking a shower as they are much softer and easier to cut during that time. Taking a nail clipper, clip your nails every day and gently buff and file them using a nail file to give them an appealing look. Start by cutting your nails straight and then give them a slight round shape at the corners to avoid them from getting snagged in clothes. Don’t forget to file your nails using a nail file to remove edginess, and be very gentle while doing so. The best way to file your nails is to do it in the same direction rather than back and forth as it can easily weaken your nails.

Nail file always come handy

A nail file is the most important thing to carry in your nail care kit. Our nails get subjected to a lot of things while performing many physical activities which mostly involves the use of hands and that can easily result in a lot of tears on your nails. And that is when a nail file comes to use, you can use it to buff the edges and make it appear smooth and soft. Biting off the torn nails is a really unhealthy and unkempt habit to follow as it can result in your nail bed getting damaged. The best thing about the nail file is it can be easily carried in your bag, so when in need you can use it conveniently.

Take care of your cuticles

The cuticles of the nails help in preventing the entrance of germs and bacteria which is why it’s extremely important to look after your cuticles as well and not mess up with them in any way. Many of us girls, groom their cuticles by cutting and trimming them that leaves your nails prone to infection. Using an edged nail file, you can push the ragged cuticles gently inside the base and don’t forget to apply oil or cream to maintain the softness of the cuticles.

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