Each year, almost every other person makes a resolution for themselves which some of you successfully manage to keep throughout the year, while some of you just can’t keep up with it for a longer time. We strongly believe that resolutions can do a lot of good to you if you successfully manage to keep it throughout the year. And let’s be real when it comes to skincare and makeup, no women can actually take it for granted of course, except for some exceptional cases. But if making some beauty resolutions can do some serious change to your skin then what can be a better start to your new year than this. And taking baby steps can just be the right way to lead yourself to the right path and also to make your skincare and makeup game stronger this year. If you are someone who is as passionate and enthusiastic about makeup and skincare as we are then it’s time you set some goals for yourself for the betterment of your skin.

These resolutions are resolutions cum healthy lifestyle that can change your skincare game just like that. We have made a list of 5 beauty resolutions that we are expecting from you to keep this year.

Wash your makeup tools

By tools, it means everything that you use to put your makeup on including all the brushes, sponges and many other things. The worst thing you can do to your face is using a brush or sponge that has not been washed in a while and probably must be a safe haven for god knows how many acne-causing bacteria. Hygiene is the first step to getting your skincare routine right and there can be no better start to it then cleaning all your brushes and other makeup tools at regular intervals. Basically, clean tools mean minimizing the chances of your skin reacting adversely. You can brush the brushes every once a week. And make sure no residue is left on the bristles.

Take your makeup off before hitting the bed

No matter how many times we emphasize this but still, there are so many girls out there who don’t consider this step as an essential skincare routine. Regardless of how late you have come back home or how tired you are, you just cannot miss out on taking your makeup off. It is not only bad for your skin but for your bedding as well, mostly the pillowcase. The first step is to remove every bit of makeup off your skin using a makeup remover and then wash your face with a mild cleanser. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer to keep your skin looking all moist and supple.

Less is more

This is something every girl must swear by because you wouldn’t want your makeup to appear either too cakey or overdone. Makeup is a tool that is used to enhance your existing features and not to make a complete fool out of yourself. And the best way to do your makeup is to keep things really minimal and light for your skin to be able to breathe. A happy skin means no more of those pesky pimples.

Drink plenty of water

Like they say what you eat reflects on your skin, similarly, water is also believed to be one of the hidden reasons behind glowing and healthy-looking skin. Hydration is the key to keeping your body as well as your skin all moist and healthy. And that can be attributed to the fact that drinking plenty of water helps in detoxifying the body which helps in getting rid of all the bad toxins that are responsible for many skin concerns. And it just doesn’t have to be water solely; green juices and hot soups are also a great way to keep your skin looking all fantastic.

Get rid of unwanted makeup products

This is for all the girls who love hoarding makeup in their vanity. You don’t realize but you are actually collecting things that you won’t be even using or won’t have even used more than just once and that for us are a clutter. Holding on to items that hold sentimental value or you have been thinking to use for a long time but haven’t really seen the light of the day should really be thrown away. However, if some of the products are still in good condition and can be used, then you can gift them to your friends or family. It’s better to give them away than waiting for them to get expired without even using them.

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