Overalls are one of the easiest and coolest outfits that any person can ever own. It’s just so easy to throw around during those days when you don’t feel like all dressing up but still want to look chic enough with your outfit choice. They look fashionable and trendy at the same time. But regardless of so many good things about having them, styling an overall can prove to be a bit challenging when it comes to layering a top beneath it. So it’s extremely important to consider your options for the top really well and style them accordingly otherwise, you may end up looking like a total bummer.

Overalls come in all different styles, colors and washes, you may look for one that suits your taste buds. And when we talk about styling them, there are myriad ways to so by layering them with different tops. From classy and chic look to casual and edgy one, every look can be created out of this versatile piece.

We have rounded up a list of a few chic ways to style an overall.

1. With a button-down shirt

The most classy and lady-look like way of wearing an overall is to layer it over a white button-down shirt. It gives in those business casual vibes to otherwise a relaxed outfit. Opt for a clean crisp shirt that is of casual fit and looks very easy going. Roll your sleeves a bit to add an oomph factor to the look and make it look more polished. For a more feminine vibe, you can wear black strappy sandals or even white sneakers with it.

2. With an off-shoulder top

If you are looking to create a look that looks all chic and fashionable, then an off-shoulder top is your safest bet. They help in creating a fun and interesting look and never ceases to impress every time. The key to acing this look is by opting for tops that come with long sleeves and are of contrasting colors than that of your overalls, like blush, grey, and white tones work the best with dark-colored overalls. Whereas with white overalls you can opt for blacks and blues. You can wear ankle boots or sneakers to complete the look.

3. With striped t-shirt

For that casual and easy-going vibes, a striped t-shirt is the perfect option. This combination looks effortlessly chic without even needing to add many accessories with it. This outfit comes as a great option if you have to run some errands or do some shopping as it feels all comfy and easy to move around. For an edgy look, you can opt for a distressed pair of overalls. Wear ankle boots with it to make your outfit look well put together.

4. With a feminine top

For all that girly look and feminine vibe, opt for a sexy top that comes with floral prints, lace or embroidery. To add some contrast to your outfit, choose a top with pastel colors like hues of light pink, blues, and yellows. And opt for a top that is of form-fitting to highlight your frame and make your ensemble look more defined. Complete the look by sliding into a pair of white sneakers.

5. With a crop top

Pairing your overalls with a crop top looks extremely edgy and sexy altogether. Opt for colors like black, whites or grays for your top. It is a great way to flaunt your curves or waistline. Add extra oomph factor to your look by taking off one strap of your overalls and allow it to rest over your waistline. It will show off your defined body in a better way. Wear converse or dad sneakers with it for that chic vibes.

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