5 different socks every woman need in her wardrobe

5 different socks every woman need in her wardrobe

We girls tend to pay a lot of attention when it comes to our clothes, shoes, and accessories, but when it comes to buying a pair of socks, nobody pays as much attention as they should. Much like any other accessory, socks also play an important role in tieing a whole look together and make one look fashion-forward as well. Today socks are also being used as a fashion element that can be sported with different outfits to create an unconventional yet extremely chic and stylish look. They are not only seen for their comfort and functionality but also for their different styles and purposes. Depending on different needs and requirements with different outfits, you would need to own different pairs of socks in your wardrobe. Socks come in many different styles, materials, and colors, with each pair serving different needs and purposes. To brief you about some of the pieces, we have listed a few socks styles that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Keep on reading to know about them.

 Slip-on socks

These types of socks are a perfect alternative to your regular socks that can be visible through your shoes. However, that’s not the case with these socks, and that’s why they are popularly known as no show socks. You can wear them with shoes, loafers, and ballerinas. For all those people who avoid wearing socks because of their visibility, these socks are the perfect choice for you. They will not only prevent your feet from stinking but will also provide your feet with a soft and comfy layer. Say no more to shoe bites when you have these socks with you.

Ankle-length socks

Ankle-length socks are another great alternative to your regular socks. You can easily wear them with low cut shoes such as loafers, casual shoes, or even if you are wearing it to protect your feet from shoe bites and blisters. As the name suggests, these socks end near the ankle of your feet whilst providing them good coverage. You can sport them for any casual occasion and also these socks look quite sophisticated and a little playful as well. With these socks being useful in so many ways, it’s a must to have them in your socks collection.

Thigh-high socks

Thigh-high socks are an excellent choice to wear with your skirts. And this pairing strongly reminds us of Scottish men and women that used to wear these thigh high socks with their knee-length skirts. To make your outfit appear more funky and interesting, you can opt for printed socks with cute and quirky elements printed on it. Boots will look amazing when you are doing your outfit in this particular style.

Woolen knit socks

Almost every person has cotton socks stacked in their wardrobe, which keeps you sorted throughout the summers and winters as well. However, when the temperature starts dropping in numbers, these socks somehow fail to provide extra warmth to the feet and make you feel all cold and shivery. Woolen knit socks are an easy solution to this problem that can keep you all warm, cuddly, and cozy throughout the winter and provides all the extra warmth and comfort to your feet. These socks are made using woolen material, which makes them suitable for winters. These cute looking fuzzy socks are a great pair to have in your wardrobe during winters.


Not every woman feels comfortable showing too much of their skin; some tend to feel shy while sporting a mini skirt and dress. Wearing stockings with such pieces is an excellent choice for all such women who shy away from sporting such look owing to the skin exposing. Stockings can also come to your easy rescue when you are looking to wear a skater skirt or dress on freezing winter night. These socks also add an extra element to your outfit, making you look more polished and trendy.

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