While we’re stuck at home, working from home, we can see a drastic change in our normal routine and that’s not something good.
Building a proper morning routine is really important as a proper morning routine amps up your whole day. But, this lockdown has made us lazy and prepared our morning routine to sound unhealthy. Waking up to mobile phones in the hand, binge-watching the whole day, continuous sitting, and eating unhealthy is the new normal, these days.
In the feed, we have compiled a few healthy habits that you should follow every morning to stay healthy throughout the lockdown.

Drink Warm Water Empty Stomach

The perfect way to start your day is to drink warm water an empty stomach. We all know drinking water is really good but when you’re having it early morning and that too empty stomach you’re doubling its benefits.
Warm water helps in improving bowel movement, instantly freshens you up, break down food, aids digestion, averts constipation, helps with bloating, and eases stomach pain. So, you should start your day with a glass of warm water and you’ll see a huge difference in the functioning of your body.

Don’t Skip Morning Workout

A morning workout is really important. Not only it keeps you energized throughout the day but also helps you sleep better at night. Since we’re at home becoming lazier and adapting improper sleeping patterns a proper night sleep is something we all miss and, when you working out in the morning you are giving your body a healthy kind of fatigue that compels you to have proper sleep at the night.
Also, when you’re stuck at home eating unhealthy with no physical activity you will accumulate fat. So, a morning workout is a key to remain fit.

Spend Some Time with Your Plants

Stuck at home we can’t visit parks as we used to every morning so, if you’re really missing that session you can spend some time with your ingrown plants or grow some plants if you haven’t.
Studies show that when people spend time in greenery, they experience an increase in immunity and it also increases their attention skills and stimulates the brain. So, once you’re done with your workout you can drink coffee or tea while spending some time with your plants. Water them and regularly prune your plants, and while doing so you’ll feel much more relaxed.

Do Something Creative

While you’re at home devote each day in doing something creative that you wished to do ever since such as dancing, cooking, learning a new language, or anything that makes you feel happy. Assort different activities for each day and enjoy this time staying safe at home. During such a hapless situation we all can feel dejected so these fun and small things will distract us and we can cope with the situation in a positive manner.
The lockdown allows you to unwind yourself and step out of your comfort zone, so won’t you do that?


Another healthy practice you can adopt is to read every morning. And, by reading we didn’t mean you have to read a novel we mean you can read a novel if you love to but in case you are not much fond of reading, you can read a few motivational lines or quotes so that you stay motivated throughout the day. Rather than waking up to mobiles in your hand, keep a book that is full of motivational quotes at your bedside will accelerate personal growth and improvise your ideas and thoughts.

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