As the season changes, so do our skin, it takes some time for our skin to get adapted to the current weather and become more used to it. Whether it’s the transitioning from winter to summer or vice versa, either way, our skin tends to undergo a change both in terms of texture and appearance. Summer is all about sweaty days and scorching heat which also starts reflecting on our skin in the form of excess oil production. As the temperature rises so do the chances of us breaking out. From your sunscreen to your face towel, everything can leave your skin irritated. And that’s not just it, all the chemicals present in your makeup products can mix up with your sweat and further make your skin to get clogged, which increases the chances of you breaking out.

There are so many other reasons that can make your skin to react adversely during the summer. Do you want to know what exactly all these reasons are? Keep on reading to know all the things that can result in those pesky pimples and how you can avoid getting them this summer.

Your clothes 

One of the root causes of you breaking out is your clothes. Yes, you heard it right! Your clothes can be the easiest way to determine whether you have clear skin or not. We know this may sound hard to believe but this is actually true. Wearing tight clothing or accessories such as snug hats during the summer may cause some breakouts in the area that those pieces were covering. Blame it on the sweat and dirt that gets accumulated and clogs the pores, which further results in those pesky pimples. Therefore, you should always wear loose and breathable clothes during summers.


While sunscreen is an essential skincare product and protects your skin from harsh UV rays when you are out under the sun, but it can also be held responsible for breakouts, especially if you are using a water-resistant sunscreen. The chemicals present in sunscreen can make your skin react adversely by aggravating the pores which further results in acne. Additionally, this type of sunscreen is quite difficult to get rid of and can further irritate your skin. Also, if you don’t get rid of it properly, then the residues will settle in your pores resulting in more acne.


Much like sunscreen, your moisturizer can also be held responsible for all those acne. Using heavy, oil-based moisturizers or lotion during summers can clog your pores on the face, neck, chest, and all other areas. You should trade those heavy and oil-based moisturizers for some lightweight products, which can also include soothing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera.

Sugary drinks

Sugar is clearly not your skin’s best friend. Therefore, you should cut it out to a great level to keep your skin from getting stubborn acne. During summers, we tend to consume more sugary drinks than usual which, if you don’t know, can easily aggravate your hormonal acne due to the consumption of a heavy amount of sugar. High glycaemic foods are known to be pro-inflammatory in nature, which results in excess oil production. Therefore, you should avoid consuming them.


One of the major causes of all the acne is sweat that combines with dirt, oil, and bacteria present on your skin and clog the pores causing the acne break out. Constantly wiping the sweat off your face further aggravates the pores and causes acne break out. You can make some changes to your skincare regimen and invest in products that will help you to control sebum production and reduces the chances of acne such as a face wash.

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