Denim has come a long way, from jeans to jackets, it comes in all different forms including denim skirts. And these skirts make for a great addition to your wardrobe. They come in all different styles, sizes, colors, and washes. Also, they are quite versatile and can be styled in many different ways. You can create a formal look as well as casual look out of these denim skirts. Wear them with the top that will work the best with the look you are going for. And style them with your favorite accessories to complete the look.

To give you some idea about how to style them, we have rounded up a list of 5 stylish ways to wear a denim skirt.

1. Denim on denim

Nothing looks as bold and chic as denim on denim combination. It certainly makes for a risky choice, but if done the right way can actually make you look like a total fashionista. Pair your denim skirt with a denim top similar to the color of your skirt to create a quirky yet bold look. And also prefer wearing both the things of the same wash to make your ensemble look more put together. However, there’s no hard and fast rule to opt for the top that is of the same wash, you can also opt for a different one too.

To make your outfit the hero of your ensemble make sure not to over-accessorize it, and try keeping your makeup subtle.

2. With a button down blouse

If you are wearing a denim skirt for a formal occasion, it’s best to pair it with a button-down blouse. This combination makes for a great outfit for your office, especially if worn with a longer denim skirt. Carry it off with classic white or black color button-down shirts, for a cute ensemble. Just remember to tuck in your blouse to create a more polished and defined look.

3. With an oversized sweater

For a cozy and casual look, you can opt for a cute oversized sweater to pair with your denim skirt. This outfit looks very easy going yet gives off a little hint of chic vibes. It will make for a cute ensemble during chilly weather. You can pair your oversized sweater with the skirt of any length like longer ones or mini ones, this oversized sweater can look good with any of it.

4. With a fancy blouse

If you are looking to create an outfit that feels all girly and has a feminine flair to it, then nothing can make for a better option than a sexy blouse. This combination looks very chic and sexy and can easily grab a lot of eyeballs even in a crowd. Opt for a blouse that comes with sequins, or has embroidery or floral print on it. This also makes for a great office outfit, but remember to keep it a little subtle with your blouse choice.

5. With a t-shirt

If you want something for a top that can define your curves and other features, then a form-fitted t-shirt is your safest bet. Denim skirt paired with a t-shirt make for a great casual outfit. This outfit can look great on many different occasions like a casual outing, for relaxing lunch date, movie date, etc. Opt for graphic t-shirts to make it look more quirky. Wear white kicks with it to complete the look.

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