5 Surprising ways to use makeup remover wipes

5 Surprising ways to use makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes can come in super handy, therefore, it’s always a great idea to keep them with you at all times. Apart from keeping them in your vanity, you should always carry them in your handbag as well; you never know when you will be urged to use these wipes. As the name suggests, the role of these wipes is to remove makeup, but there’s so much to this product than meets the eye. Aside from helping to remove your makeup, makeup remover wipes can also do a lot of other cool things.

Since multipurpose products are trending hard at the moment, and almost every other woman is investing in them considering they can be more economical, time-saving, and space-saving, we thought of sharing with you a bunch of alternative uses of makeup remover wipes. After learning about the alternative uses of these wipes, we are certain, you won’t let yourself run out of them.

Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at surprising uses of makeup remover wipes no one told you about.


Take a mini shower at the gym

Post-workout sweat can be pretty gross, and while taking a shower is the best thing to do, if you don’t want to take one at the gym, then you can take a mini shower by using your trusty makeup remover wipes. You can get rid of all the dirt and sweat on your skin by using these wipes. Aside from using them for your face, make sure to use them for your back, underarms, and in between your fingers as well to remove the residue. And once you are back home, you can take a full-fledged shower.


Keep your sneakers clean

Keeping your white sneakers ‘white’ all the time can be quite tricky, given the amount of dust and pollution they come in contact with. While the struggle is quite real, it doesn’t mean there’s no way out. You can use your makeup remover wipes to keep your white sneakers spot-free. If you notice any spot or dust on your shoes, you can use wipes to get rid of them; it’s as simple as that.


Make them work as a deodorant

On days when you forgot to use your deodorant and are worried about body odor, your makeup remover wipes can come to your easy rescue. While these wipes aren’t as fragrant as deodorants, they will do a decent job of keeping body odor at bay. But in order to make this hack work, you will have to wash your underarms first with plain water. Now take your towel, dry your underarms, and then wipe the region using makeup remover wipes to keep your underarm area germ-free and fresh.


A camping essential

If you are an outdoor person and love camping every once in a while, then you must keep makeup remover wipes handy at all times. Apart from packing some essentials for your camping, you should also bring your makeup remover wipes. They won’t only come in handy to clean all the dirt and impurities from your face, but you can also use them to remove dirt from your hands and feet.


An excellent alternative to a surface cleaner

Dirt marks and stain on the sink and tiles can be pretty stubborn. While a surface cleaner is the best way to get rid of these stubborn marks or stains, you can use your makeup remover wipes as an alternative if you happen to run out of your surface cleaner. Surprisingly, makeup remover wipes do this job quite wonderfully; they clean all the marks and stains thoroughly and make everything look squeaky clean.

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