Vaseline petroleum jelly has been around for years now, and its wonderful uses and benefits continue to surprise us to date. Every day we make a new discovery with vaseline, it has an array of benefits to offer, and its wonderful uses aren’t just limited to skin, it can be used for so many other purposes as well. Vaseline has proved to be a life-savior on more than just one occasion, most importantly; it acts as a wonderful moisturizer. It used to be a go-to moisturizer for most of us. Just because we have stopped using vaseline, it doesn’t mean it lost all its wonderful properties over time. While the main function of vaseline is to heal dry and cracked skin, it can do a lot more than that. If you are curious to know about all the wonderful things vaseline is capable of doing, then make sure to read through the article below.

Get rid of makeup

One of the lesser-known uses of vaseline is its ability to remove makeup effectively from the face. While it’s always best to bring your makeup remover or micellar water when traveling, the fear of them spilling out or carrying too many beauty products can cause you extra worry. Therefore, save yourself from all that stress and bring a tiny tub of vaseline with you so that you can easily remove makeup from your face. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly on your fingertips and massage it onto your skin to melt the makeup, after that, you can wipe off the makeup using a facial wipe or cotton pad.

Conditions your lashes

Did you know wearing mascara every day makes your lashes dry and brittle over time? While mascaras don’t necessarily cause harm to your lashes, wearing them every day can take a toll on your lashes. Therefore, it’s crucial to condition your lashes in order to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. If you don’t have a lash serum or oil, you can use vaseline to condition your lashes. Take a tiny amount of vaseline on a q-tip and apply it to your lashes gently. Aside from keeping your lashes conditioned and soft, vaseline will also help to lift and define your lashes.

Works effectively as a highlighter


While most of us turn to our trusty highlighter to get that lit-from-within glow, if you happen to run out of your highlighter or forgot to carry it with you, you can put vaseline to good use. As surprising as it may sound, vaseline works wonderfully as a highlighter. You can apply it to the high points of your face to make your makeup look dewy and glowy. For a more natural or skin-like finish, you can use vaseline in place of a highlighter.

Achieve glossy lips


The beauty world is noticing a sudden rise in the popularity of glossy lips. While lip glosses do a fantastic of making your lips look juicy and glossy, if you don’t want to purchase any more beauty products, you can simply put your good ol’ vaseline to great use. Apply a tiny amount of vaseline across your lips, you can either keep it that way, or you can add some tint to it with your favorite eyeshadow to spice things up.

Helps to avoid nail polish stains

If you like to do your manicure on your own, then chances are you accidentally end up applying the nail polish on your skin, leaving it stained. If this happens to you every single time, then the best way to avoid it from happening the next time is by applying vaseline around your nails. Once you are done with the manicure and it has dried thoroughly, you can remove the vaseline.

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