If there has to be one makeup product we all swear by, this is it a blush! Who all doesn’t want flushed cheeks? But, even if this is the fave step in our makeup routine if you don’t know how to apply it, you can break the makeup look.
From picking up the wrong shade, picking up the wrong formulation, to applying it incorrectly, we all do certain rookie mistakes while giving our cheeks a rosy glow. In this feed, we have compiled 5 tips that will guide you with everything you need to know regarding this amazing product. If you want to know the 5 tips, well, then, keep on reading!

The Right Formulation

There may be various types of blushes lying in your beauty arsenal but do you know what’s the best for your skin type? From powder, liquid, to balmy there are various formulations in which this amazing product comes.
We have decoded the right formulation for you have a look-
• Powder Blushes- Oily skin, textured skin, Acne-prone skin, and round faces.
• Liquid Blushes- normal skin, skin with open pores, and dry skin.
• Balmy Blushes- super dry skin types.
Now, when you know the right formulation for your skin type, we hope you’ll be using the right formulation and making your cheeks have that perfect tint.

The Right Shade

Now, comes the most important step and that is picking the right shade. As such there is no rule for picking the color you can go for the color you like but here are a few things you can consider-
Fair Tone- if you have fair skin, picking the shades such as a pale pink or baby pick is great. Remember less is more if you have fair skin.
Medium Tone- for medium complexion go for deep pinks or orange shades.
Darker Tone- for darker tones, stick to warmer tones.
So, we hope you know the right shade for your complexion.


It’s really important to know the correct way to apply blush. We have compiled the best way according to different face types make sure you read that-
Oval Face- blush over the cheekbones.
Round Face- chose matte blushes that don’t reflect light and make you look more round. Apply blush from ear down towards the mouth.
Square Face- apply slightly below the cheekbone.
Long Face- blush below the eyes extending towards the ears.
So, now you know the right way make sure you apply blush accordingly.

The Right Tool

The next important step when it comes to the blush application is selecting the right tool. Usually, blushes come with brushes but we won’t recommend using those brushes for blush application. If you want to mimic the color smoothly on your cheeks going for fluffy round blushes would be great.
Pro-tip: when you apply blush, make sure to spritz a fixing spray onto the brush so that the brush picks the correct color pigment, giving you the desired cheeks.

Prep Your Skin

Last but not least is to prep your skin nicely before applying blush, the exact color will show only if the skin is properly moisturized. Thus make sure you moisturize your skin following with an SPF.
If you have open pores, use a pore-minimizing primer before applying blush. It’s really important to minimize the pore size before applying blush.

So, these were some important things that you need to know before applying blush. Now when you know everything we hope you enjoy blushing your cheeks. Also, we hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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