When it comes to sunglasses, the options to choose from are very vast. There was a time when they were newbie’s and only a means to protect your retina from UV rays of the sun. The traditional ray bans were ruling the masses and are a classic today also. But with fashion extending its horizons to new limits and preferences of the masses changing from utility to styling, sunglasses have made a glorious achievement. One can clearly look at what all is trending in terms of shapes, colors and eras. Either way, it’s really important to be able to pick and flaunt all the latest trends now flourishing. A little piece of molded metal meant to shield your eyes and also instantly erasing the tired look off your face with additional swag is a miraculous invention.

Here we have 6 styles trending so hard right now to ensure you eye up the right ones for your face shape.


A must have for this season for all those square and diamond face beauties. These frames look best on such faces because circular designs work best on those with natural angles. It is blindingly obvious that sunglasses add this oomph factor to one’s personality but that doesn’t mean you don’t analyze your type. These vintage sunglasses can be carried off well with all western outfits like dresses, pants, beach wear. These sunnies are off limits for those with a less angular face, why because attention to every little detail is very important when picking the right accessory.


With the term geometry, we immediately jump to shapes like square or hexagon and that’s right! Such shapes of sunglasses offer an extremely easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It’s like being there and still standing out because heads will turn with this baby. These are very subtle and must be chosen in thin frames and classic colors. The size of these frames must be picked tactfully so that it’s not too much. Picking a smaller one would keep you on the safer side unless flaunting big beauties is your style of fashion.


As a rule of thumb, when buying sunglasses, one should consider the fact that they should be consistently wearable and not just a onetime affair. This is because usually everybody has just one or two pairs. But those who have a zeal for sunglasses, they can welcome colorful sunglasses as they are the current style for showcasing bright pop to your outfit. The frames are regular sized and the lenses vary in different tints like sea blue, tropical green, mango yellow to name a few. Although it’s not formal enough to throw up on a suit but definitely something you can slay with shorts and a tee. They instantly add the swag and level up your look.


Popular for decades and originally known as pilot’s sunglasses, aviators have made a big comeback. There was a time when these were talk of the town for their distinct yet cool structural design. They are made with a single brow bridge for extra fashion with gold and black frames usually. This has been surfaced by both street style stars and celebrities. Heart shaped beauties can enhance their face by mimicking this shape and spice up the entire look!


This one qualifies as millennial and is the latest installment of the decade. Style without being wacky happens when you wear these. One should proceed with extreme caution when picking a style that relates to another era. Reason being- the wardrobe styles were different then and a close analysis is required when you pair such sunglasses with modern outfits.  These are extremely wearable though and also very unique in shape. The pros of picking this one are that it goes almost with every face shape. Definitely a boss lady style that’s on the rise!


The most distinctive one of the lot! There is so much thinking involved when picking something this unique. It’s called cat eye because the shape of the frame and lenses extends to extreme right on both sides thus giving a pointed look. This in turn enhances the overall look and gives your face a definition. You’ll find these in wild colors like lavender, white, cherry. They are not ultra thin but have a rounded bottom and pointed corners to elongate your face. If you want to get crazy, this one is your statement accessory for the season!

Whether you’re into drama of an oversized shape or love the nostalgia for mini frames or can’t let go of the classics, there will always be a set of certain sunglasses that can flatter your shape best. Pick your favorite one and flaunt that jaw line.

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