Today beauty essentials are available in different forms, ranging from skin care to hair and make up products. Whether you are about to begin your college, a working women or a home maker, every women must own these beauty essentials. It’s difficult to decide which products to invest in as there are plethora of brands and options available in the market. To make it easy for you we have created a list of must have beauty essentials. 


Most of the ladies will agree with me on this that a concealer can prove to be a life saver for a lot of us. You have to have it in your beauty essentials kit. This one product can do wonders to your face by applying tiny bit of it on the required places. Having this in your kit means you will not need to worry about those stubborn dark circles, acne or acne marks or any redness. A little application of it can hide those imperfections in a go. Concealers are available in different shades and textures in the market. You should always buy the one which will go with your skin tone and it also depends on which purpose you are using it for.


A lot of women does this mistake of not applying sunscreen before stepping out of their house. It is a very well known fact that UV rays are quite harmful to the skin which can result in sun spots and dark spots, wrinkle formation, photo ageing etc. even it can also result in the formation of a deadly disease which is skin cancer. So, why not to take some precautionary measures and save ourselves from these unwanted skin imperfections.


Red is a color which oozes confidence and every women should own a nice red lipstick which complements their skin. It can be carried with most of the looks making you feel all glamorous. In the process you may receive many compliments and grab a lot of eyeballs for making that bold choice.


Eyes can do a lot of talking and for that you need to have those beautiful lashes, but not everybody is blessed with big and luscious lashes some people are born with very light and sparse lashes which makes the eyes look less flattery. They need not to fret as mascara is an easy solution to the problem. One application of mascara can instantly make your lashes look bigger and darker. So always own a mascara no matter if you have fuller lashes or sparse lashes, a single stroke of mascara wouldn’t hurt.


BB cream is the best substitute for a foundation, there are days when we don’t feel like wearing a foundation but need to get that flawless look. BB creams feel really light on skin contrary to foundations which feels really heavy at times. It not only offers buildable coverage but also serves as moisturizer and primer.


Face wipes are one product which everyone should keep handy. The worst thing you could do to your skin is to sleep with your make-up on, it’s a big no-no as it can result in an acne break down. Buy some nice face wipes and keep them in abundance so that you never run out of them when in need of one.


Hair tends to get a little greasy  3rd day of washing , but sometimes you are in so much haste that you don’t get time to wash them. Ladies, you can save yourself some time by using a dry shampoo and it can become one of your best purchases. It finds its application in absorbing excess oil, dirt and odor making your locks feel fresh like they were washed in the morning only.

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