Wondering how to fight the winter cold without sacrificing your fashion sense? We’ve all been there. Everyone’s winter wardrobe varies based on climate and how cold one feels. Someone will be seen wearing layers of clothing in November and some might be flaunting just one hoodie even in January. Building wardrobe with the best fashion pieces has a lot of influence from personal style. If you tend to go out often, you will need dressier styles rather than casual heavy wear. From skinny jeans to trench coats, from baggy sweaters to turtle-neck jumpers, everything looks great in winters because of the feeling of being cold and still warm, such a dramatic transition isn’t it?

Here’s our pick of 7 ultimate wardrobe essentials that are a “must have” this winter-

  • CHIC TURTLENECK SWEATER GOES WITH EVERYTHING- One of a kind piece that can be worn as an under layer of all layers or can be flaunted easily in chic style. This sweater has a double duty of being a heat protector and fashionable at the same time. From workplace to outings, there is no place where you can’t wear this piece of clothing. This is a must have for winters and can be styled under a sleeveless dress as well as a baggy sweater.

  • EVER STYLISH COZY BEANIES- your body needs protection from the cold and so does your hair. Beanie is such a stylish way to accessorize your hair and be a savior at the same time from the chilly weather. They are undeniable cozy and comfortable at the same time. Plus they also add an edgy look to your outfit. Style it with any casual outfit and slouchy sweaters of solid colors for the signature chic style.

  • SOFT BLANKET SCARVES- scarves are one such godly made thing that can be styled and molded in different ways according to the outfit. They are just so many ways to name in which you can style your scarves like wrapping it closely around the neck, throwing it loosely in the front or knotted at the chest. You can invest in a soft cashmere scarf or an infinity scarf to go around the neck in an endless circle of comfort and cozy.

  • MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT WITH WOOL TRENCH COAT- the one thing you can’t miss to be a part of your wardrobe because it is the ultimate guide for coping up with the chilly winter. When the air doesn’t let you breathe, this pick will. This one is an elegant piece of clothing to turn heads around wherever you go. Modern silhouettes and bold statement colors give the wool coat its deserving shine. Moreover, it will add a pop of color to any outfit.

  • OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS- flaunting the ultimate chic style and being warm is the perfect winter combination. Long boots are so trendy that once you start wearing them, you won’t settle for anything less. Simply dressing in a sweater with skinny jeans and wearing these boots along would add glam to any outfit. The best thing about these boots is that they are so versatile to be styled with jeans, shorts, dresses-mini or maxi. This one won’t lose it’s charm and finish off any going out look.

  • BADASS LEATHER JACKET- a leather jacket instantly adds edge to your clothes and makes you look cool. It’s crucial for every winter wardrobe and has the power to transform your look in any winter outfit from drab to fab! You can toss it over your jeans and tee for everyday look or with a blouse and jeans for the weekend night. IT ADDS THE ‘oomph’ factor to your outfit.

  • KNITTED JUMPER DRESS- how we all believe that mini dresses are for the summers and we cannot flaunt skin in the winters. But guess what? With this pick of knitted jumper dress, it’s like a dream come true. Now you can show a little leg and not feel cold. You can also pair it with tights for extra warmth and still look trendy. You could also pair it up with your winter coat and boom- cool chic is here!

Now you can enjoy the winter in style!

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