Find Out Why Your Makeup Base Feels Bad

Find Out Why Your Makeup Base Feels Bad

Find Out Why Your Makeup Base Feels Bad

This has occurred with everyone when they are new to makeup and are learning and trying new things. Getting a flawless base is difficult and needs practice and the right kinds of products. You cannot get the perfect base on the first day but that does not mean that it is not achievable. With the right steps and products, you can get the right kind of base that you can then work on and create a stunning look. It is not that the wrong kind of foundation causes you to have that cakey look. There are a lot of products that can cause this look and thus you need to know about all of those products so that you do not do this mistake and you avoid getting a flawed base.


1: No Primer!

You should never forget the primer. It is a must to use a primer before you use any of your makeup products. As the name, this product primes the skin and makes it ready for makeup. It makes the skin smooth for better application of the products and makes the makeup not look cakey. It evens the skin also. It is important to prime the skin before applying foundation or any other kind of makeup product.

No Primer!

2: Working on Wet Primer

After applying primer you need to wait and let it dry because if you apply your products on wet primer then it would dry up later and create a cakey texture. You need to let all your products dry before applying anything to them. You need to let your moisturizer dry and then apply sunscreen. You need to wait for the primer to dry the foundation and so on so that you can clean the look instead of cakey makeup.

Working on Wet Primer

3: Face Not Clean Enough

You need to take proper care of your skin before applying anything to it. You need to exfoliate in order to remove dead skin that has accumulated on your skin. This way you would have fresh and healthy skin and you can then apply your makeup. You need to exfoliate every now and then to deep clean your facial skin and make it smooth and healthy. Dead skin cells help in creating a cakey appearance when it comes to makeup.

Face Not Clean Enough

4: Too Much Product

You need to use a limited amount of product on your face. An excessive amount of product such as foundation or concealer would not only change the look into cakey and weird but would also have a bad impact on your facial skin. This will create acne and skin breakout and would harm your skin. You should apply an average amount of product that you can remove if it is extra with a brush or can apply if it is less afterward.

Too Much Product

5: Using the Wrong Formulation

Each product has a different formula and thus they are used on different skin types. You need to know your skin type and then select the type of products for you. There are so many different varieties of products available for different skin types and thus you need to get the one that goes with your skin. You cannot get the foundation for dry skin if you have oily skin or you cannot go with cream-based blush if you look better in powder. There are so many things that make the whole look and thus you need to select the right products so that you get the perfect look.

Using the Wrong Formulation

You need good quality products along with good knowledge about how to apply them and how can you make them work on your skin to get the desired result. You need to practice in order to attain good skills in makeup. You need to work on your mistakes and make sure you do better every other time. There are several tricks that you can use when it comes to makeup. You need to work on your base first because that can make or break the entire look. When you have created a nice base with minimum flaws then you can work on other things. Try to start with the basics and then go for the techniques. Have fun learning new things.

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