Fancy nails are a girl’s dream come true. A simplistic manicure is a bliss. But it essentially depends on how you want to portray yourself today and what your mood is. Autumn for each one of us is a deep indulgence endowed with rich ambiance and color that is left last to fade as winter lurks. To put parallel to the inspiring, woody, and steady vibe of autumn, here we present a list of the 6 most suitable manicure ideas to keep your fashion quotient high this fall of 2022.


  1. Auburn Manicure

Preferred shape – Coffin

This style would have a sharp, upright, and bold persona. If you love donning deeply-hued overcoats and burnt rose-blackberry tinted sweaters or if the whites are your most loved clothing choice, this will be the most perfect match for you. With whites, it’ll help achieve a great vibrant contrast. Go for a glossy coat with a white outfit and matte otherwise. It holds a rustic appeal and is a unique color that is rarely realized and is blendable. Go for gold embellishments on top for extra drizzle-dazzle!

Auburn Manicure

  1. Neutral Gray Manicure

Preferred shape – Natural

Grays are your best friend if you like to keep your outlook subtle and clean. The style promises a decent and immaculate manicure for your everyday functionalities. It is best suited for people choosing minimal and impactful dress up and longer extensions make them feel fussy. The natural gray color is nonchalant and balanced and the shape isn’t loud and proclaiming, hence it acts like a panacea to your manicure cravings while also getting along with most of your wardrobe. Simplicity’s a virtue!

Neutral Gray Manicure

  1. Black French Tips Manicure

Preferred shape – Rounded

This spicy manicure design paints your nails with a shiny top coat laying it bare and ending with absolute black tips (matching the white in french manicure). This is an eccentric yet sublime approach to manicures that will provide you with clean-looking hands for days. They look super-easy and fuss-free as they very delicately are disguised in anyone’s outfit. Who doesn’t love a well-maintained manicure with overall compatibility? Say yes to its universality and unbroken elegance with a twist!

Black French Tips Manicure

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Orange Manicure

Preferred shape – Stiletto

This is the sassiest and most creative nail idea that inculcates the elements of typical pumpkin-spiced autumn flavors. Color is rich and decadent, presenting you as an ardent admirer of the season. Throw in checkered designs over it with a hint of red, white, grey, and black over extra glow-up. Nail options like such are very forthcoming and welcoming and catch the eye at a glance.

Pumpkin Spiced Orange Manicure

  1. Nude Ombre Manicure

Preferred shape – Stiletto

This one is an artistic achievement of any nail artist. Depending on your natural skin color, pick the most promising darker brown for the tips that will gradually fade upwards into your natural nail color (not to put any color). This manicure is among the top blazing trends that will never run out of its fanbase and create a vibe that will fall congruent with any dress that you fancy! The preferred finish would be glossy and would work out well when done with gel extensions.

Nude Ombre Manicure

  1. Crocodile Green Manicure

Preferred shape – Ballerina

What is fall without some faint green? The shade of green is evil and compels you to add more darkness and ultimate blitz to your styling routine. This manicure looks stunning when topped with a glitter coat and in a black ombre combination. It’ll give out a more astonishing perspective when paired with black blazers/coats/heels. Save it for your wild side this fall!

Crocodile Green Manicure

A quiet and hidden gem of a fashion outfit is your nail game that will up your confidence effortlessly. They not only add to your style but also accentuate the appearance of your fingers. These nail ideas are sure to deliver depth to your fashion game and if not, they will at least, make you feel good about yourself. So hurry, head to your nearest nail salon now!

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