Everyone knows the right angles to get the perfect selfie, what kind of lighting to go with, how to use filters, and all the things that can make the selfie look perfect. But when it comes to passport photographs, people do not know much and thus they do not like the way that photo comes out. You need to know a bit about how can you get ready so that your photo comes out great. You can apply makeup and can do your hair. There are so makeup tips that you can use when you are going for your passport photo so that you look fresh and natural with the lighting available.  You are not allowed to have heavy makeup when you are going for the photograph.


1:  Moisturize the Skin

You need to pamper your skin so that your skin looks great in the photo. You need to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin so that you get to have nice skin that would make your photo come out great. If you have dry or rough skin then the makeup would look cakey and thus that would make your photo not look good. To make sure that your skin looks fresh and healthy you need to clean and pamper it properly.

Moisturize the Skin

2: Powder

If you have oily skin then you need to tend to that before you get your photo clicked as it will make your photos look oily and bad. To avoid that you can use powder and matte foundation that would help in the reduction of oil and take bloating papers with you so that you can remove excess oil from your face. You should do this just before the photograph so that there is no excess oil on your skin that would make your skin look shiny and oily.


3: Natural Makeup

Heavy makeup can change your features by creating shadows and contours thus you should always avoid wearing heavy makeup as that is usually not allowed and it would not be able to provide your natural look. Thus for a passport photograph go with a natural look. Do not go with a bare face if you do not wish to. You can wear foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, a little blush, lipgloss, and other things that would keep your look natural and elegant.

Natural Makeup

4: Wear Your Hair Down

People do the mistake of tying their hair up for a photo. It is said to keep the hair away from the face but there is no rule to tie the hair. You can keep your hair down and can even try a cute hairstyle for your photo. When you tie your hair, your head looks small and that would not look nice in the photo. Instead, you can keep your hair open and push your hair away from the face by simply tucking them behind the ear or with some clips or hairdo.

Wear Your Hair Down

5: Simple Clothes

These photos are used for formal use and thus you should look elegant and formal. You can do so by wearing something neutral and simple such as a t-shirt or shirt. Try to avoid wearing anything that is not formal or decent. This is to make sure that the photo looks good, and the prints would become the focal point. Wear neutral tones and clothes that have nice necklines to get the best kind of passport photograph done. This will make you look good.

Simple Clothes


Wear basic and neutral shades when it comes to passport photographs. Try not to wear patterns or things that would make you look dull. Also, look for the right kind of neckline that would make you look elegant and formal. Sometimes there are rules when it comes to the photograph and thus you should look for the rules before you get your photo clicked. You need to look for the rules and get the right kind of photo clicked. Make sure that your makeup is not too bright, you do not have hair on your face, you are not wearing prints, and so on.  Get the right passport photograph done where you look great.

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