Eyebrows can change the whole look of your face and thus they are extremely important. You have to see to it that your eyebrows are done properly. If you have thick eyebrows or thin brows and are looking for ways to make them look better and maintained then this is the list for you. With the help of several kinds of treatments, you can get the kind of eyebrows you want. There are so many ways you can thicken or make your eyebrows thin. You can get the trendy feathered look or can go for microblading. If you want thin brows you can thread or wax them. There are different kinds of eyebrow treatments that you can use to create the perfect shape and look for yourself that is right for you.


1: Threading and Tweezing

If you want to remove excess hair from your eyebrows to make them look tamed and maintained and give them a nice shape then you can go for a threading session. Here a cotton thread is used to remove the extra hair from your brows and provide them with a nice shape. This technique is safe as there is no chemical applied to your skin. You just need the thread that can remove the hair from the follicle. Visit a professional before trying it on your own.

Threading and Tweezing

2: Waxing

Another way to remove hair and shape your brows is waxing. Just like waxing the other parts of the body, here too, you use a thin layer of wax and apply it on the area that you want to remove hair from and with the help of a thin strip that then removes the wax along with the hair. This is one of the methods you can use to remove excess hair from your brows and shape them. You can also do this at home by yourself with the help of waxing strips, just fill or shape the brows before for the best look.


3: Microblading

Not always do people want to thin their thick brows. There are times when people want to fill their brows and make them look thicker. This is similar to tattooing where the eyebrows are tattooed by making thin strokes on the brows just like hair with pigment ink so that it looks like eyebrows. This is a semi-permanent solution to make your brows look thicker. You need to take care of it like a tattoo and then this is there on your skin for some 12 to 18 months. This is a great way to fill patches or when someone has any skin condition.


4: Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is another way you can make your eyebrows look fuller. This is a treatment that strengthens the brows and makes them appear healthier and in a shape that can be retained even after you remove all the makeup. This treatment uses several chemicals that provide moisture and retain the shape you like for your brows. This helps in keeping the eyebrows in shape for weeks and look chic. You do not need to worry about doing your eyebrows after you have got them laminated.

Brow Lamination

5: Brow Henna

Brow henna is similar to brow tinting. Here instead of any dye on the skin, you use henna of a certain shade that provides you with the color and the illusion of thicker brows. Henna stains the skin under your eyebrows and your hair thus providing you with fuller-looking brows. The skin stain stays for a few days while the hair stays for some weeks. This is a natural way to stain and enhance the look of your brows making them appear darker and thicker.

Brow Henna


Different types of treatments result in different types of eyebrows. Before going for any kind of eyebrow treatment make sure you know what is the right one for you and if it would compliment your face. You can change your eyebrow shape and thickness, with the help of these treatments. The list above provides you with some of the many eyebrow treatments that you can go for to elevate your look. Some people feel more secure with full eyebrows and tend to spend a lot of their time filling their brows which can be made easier with these treatments. Look for the right one for you and your brows.


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