Using Your Lipstick Creatively

Using Your Lipstick Creatively

Using Your Lipstick Creatively

Lipsticks come richly pigmented to last all day long on your lips, be it creamy, liquid, glossy, or matte, they are undoubtedly the most significant part of anyone’s makeup routine. But have you ever wondered if your lipstick is a multi-purpose tool? If it can single-handedly add all the colors you want on your face? If it can create the similar color schemed make-up that you derive from other beauty products? Let us have a look at different creative ways of using your lipstick that will surprise you. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be up with your makeup kit to take on the world. Hold tight!


  1. As Blush

Take your blush brush and begin unleashing your artistic side. Dab on some of your little liquid/cream/gloss lipstick on your cheeks and start stippling with your brush in the direction that will help you achieve the desired blush style and highlight your cheeks according to your face shape. While the liquid one will give more tint and be blendable, your gloss will pat in more sheen, doing subtly the job of a natural sheer highlighter every time the light hits your face. Liquid lipsticks are easier to manage, however, you need to look out for the proper color delivery as they can be very thick and pigmented sometimes.

As Blush

  1. As Eyeshadow

Put on some of your loved cream lipstick and blend it with a brush or just your fingers. You’ll see in no time how it replaces your hoard of eyeshadow sticks (which was a smart yet hectic purchase project). Glitter lipsticks are a festive pick but all in all, all of your lipsticks can one by one find space on your eyelids, turning into full glam. Imagine a deep burgundy lipstick spread across your eyelids and more gloss coming over to make it shiny. All this, without making your eyes tired and overworked. Yes!

As Eyeshadow

  1. As Contour

Let us put to use our nude creamy lipsticks to shape up our beautiful faces. Yes! Your lipstick can be used as a contour too. Spread your darker brown lipstick across your hairline, the sides of the bridge of your nose, and right below the cheeks, and turn downwards to trace your desired jawline. Now put on the lighter, more highlighting shade, and begin to blend. You will notice that they are way more incorporable and brush-friendly, you may use more force to blend in the product and it won’t ever get patchy.

As Contour

  1. As a Highlighter

The shinier your lipstick is, the more effortless your highlighter game would be. Plus, everybody will be complimenting your glow (they’ll never know the power of not relying too much on heavily pigmented highlighters). Dab it slowly over the tip of your nose, on top of your cheeks, and below your eyebrows, and gently pat it with your fingers. These are quite effective in achieving a wet unrefined eye look, making your face appear plumper and more hydrated overall. But it will depend more on the color you are choosing.

As a Highlighter



  1. As Eyeliner

Use a thin liner brush and steadily dip it in your liquid lipstick (in this case, you may even use liquid matte lipstick). Now draw your chosen eyeliner style onto your eyelids. This glides smoothly, like any other liquid eyeliner. Plus, this will end your worries of burning your pocket to buy more different colored liners. You can easily create well-toned makeup look when you are using the same product for your lips and eyes. Cream ones will be a little tough to work with but would still save you on days when your liner has dried out!?

As Eyeliner


Makeup, indeed, triggers creativity. Look how expandable your one beauty product can be, serving your various makeup needs in one go and with a brush (or maybe 2 but that’s it!). The thing is, we get so drawn into the world of beauty products and their fancy marketing that we don’t realize how much we are hoarding when makeup products nowadays are becoming more dynamic. Anyways, lip colors in pans arranged in a palette are sturdier but they will be bulky if you are looking for portable options. So, it is recommended to go with lipsticks that come in handy at your service and won’t require a brush all the time! Be beautiful in and out!

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