Concerts are the time of the year when you get to have fun and be lively, get to enjoy your favorite songs, and get to see your favorite artist singing the songs. These music festivals are the time when you get the time to express yourself and style up in a wonderful party look. There are no limitations as to what you can wear and how can you do your makeup. All that matters is the fact that you are happy and are having fun. You can go to a concert all dolled up or can go to one without much makeup. It is up to you how you want to dress up and look stunning. You can use makeup as a tool to dollop and elevate the outfit.


1: Sequins and Rhinestones

You can decorate your look with the help of rhinestones. There are several ways you can use sequins and rhinestones in your dress and work with them. You can use them to enhance your eye makeup and make it look stunning. You can add them to your liner or can use them on the eyelids. You can also use these stones and glue them to your face in a pattern or design or according to the theme you are going after. They add a nice shimmer and drama to your look.

Sequins and Rhinestones

2: Shimmery Lipsticks

Let us add shimmer and shine to your lipstick. There are several ways you can add drama to your lips and one of the many ways is by using shiny lipstick or can even use glitter over the lips to add shine. You can also go for metallic lipstick that would give your lips a festive look and add shine to them. They would look great in the pictures and you would also look stunning at the concert. You can also use a shade under the glitter one to create a two-tone look.

Shimmery Lipsticks

3: Multichrome Eyeshadow

Multichorme eyeshadows are a big yes when it comes to festivals and concerts. These events use lots of lights and multi-chrome eyeshadows are a great way to add a concert look. These shadows change with the change of light or when you move and thus would be a great thing to create a fun and vibrant look. You can get them in shimmer and have shiny eyelids and a nice makeup look for the music fest. This would make you stand out from the crowd.

Multichrome Eyeshadow

4: Neon Colors

You can never go wrong in using neon shades at a music fest. Neons are colors that are exciting and energetic. You can use them to create fun makeup that is ideal for a concert. There are various ways you can use neons in your makeup. You can go for neon liners or can go for neon eyeshadows. These will make your eye color pop and also make your eyes look great. The lights at the concert will enhance your eye look.

Neon Colors

5: Minimalist Graphic Liners

If you are not looking for something shiny or using eye shadow on your whole eye then you can go for a minimalist look for the party. You can use some graphic liners and create a stylish graphic liner look that would look great on your eyes. You can either use these and a simple lipstick for a sweet and simple look or can focus on your lips and add gloss or can use some dark lip shade to add to the look.

Minimalist Graphic Liners


These are some of the makeup ideas that you can use when you are getting ready to go to a concert. You can get ready and use these ideas and have a fantastic look that would make you stand out from the crowd. Several looks can be done depending on the style you are going after. You can go for a light and dewy look or can go for a vibrantly colorful look. Make sure that your makeup is waterproof or else your makeup might get ruined after a while in the concert. Set your makeup with a good-quality setting spray and you are good to go. Have a great time at the festivals and concerts.


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