Tips to Get a Clean French Makeup Look

Tips to Get a Clean French Makeup Look

Tips to Get a Clean French Makeup Look

French makeup is known to provide a chic and elegant look. Are you looking for tips and tricks to get that clean, chic look? This look is easy to attain and all you need to do is follow some easy steps. You do not need to be perfect when it comes to makeup in order to get this clean french look. This look does not focus on perfect eye makeup. It focuses more on the elegant base that looks natural and glowy look. The one that makes the skin look radiant and healthy. Plus a signature red lipstick for that classy french look. You can get this chic, elegant look with the help of some tips. We provide you with these tips here in the list below.


1: Cleanse Face

The first step in any makeup routine has to be cleaning the face properly. You cannot apply any product on your face before cleaning your face and prepping it up for the makeup. You need to clean your face, cleanse it properly, and apply toner and moisturizer so that you hydrate your skin before you apply any product. This will keep your skin healthy and helps you with the easy application of products.

Cleanse Face

2: Primer is a Must

You cannot apply foundation or any other base product on your face directly without any primer. If you are looking for a chic clean french look, then you need to have a flawless, natural base that can be achieved with the help of a nice primer. Primer sets the skin and allows the foundation, concealer, and other products easy application on the skin. Primer is a must in this look and you should add this to your makeup routine so that you get a flawless base every time.

Primer is a Must

3: Lightweight Foundation

As said before, this look has a natural base and for that, you need to have a lightweight foundation that would provide you with a light and natural base. This not only helps your makeup look good but also keeps you feeling comfortable throughout the day. This kind of foundation does not make the makeup look cakey and thus helps you in getting that chic and elegant look. These are ideal for a french makeup look.

Lightweight Foundation

4: Natural Groomed Brows

You do not need to go the extra measure and fill in and shape your brows for this look. If you are going for a french look, all you need to do is groom your brows properly. You can use an eyebrow mascara that would provide you with a clean girl look and would make your brows look chic. You do not need to draw and fill in the brows but will sport a natural look. You do not need to put a lot of effort into eye makeup either. You can use some neutral shades and some mascara and you are good to go.

Natural Groomed Brows

5: Light Blush

When you are going for a nice look such as french makeup, here you need to use a little amount of blush just to add that to your face and a good amount of highlighter. You do not need to use excessive blush as this look is more on the natural side but you would need a nice amount of highlighter to enhance your features. You can put this on your cheekbones, inner eye, cupid’s bow, nose, collarbones, and another part of the face you want to enhance. This adds attention to your features and elevates them.

Light Blush

You need to add these tips to your routine to get that chic makeup look. These tips will not only help you in getting a chic clean french look but can also help you in creating other looks. These are some general tips that you can use in your makeup every day to get that flawless glowy base that would help you elevate the entire makeup. There are several makeup looks where you can incorporate these tips. The base of the makeup is extremely important and the tips above help you achieve them easily. Look for other tips that would help you create a beautiful french look.


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