Never go to bed without washing your face and taking proper care of your facial skin. Throughout the day you go to different places, walk, and drive and all this gets the pollutants, dirt, and oil on your skin. If you wore makeup for the day then you should remove it before going to bed. All these things accumulated on the face are harmful to the skin. The bacteria and dirt clog your pores and create pimples and acne. This can also make your skin dry and wrinkly. You can avoid all these by just cleaning your skin and taking a few skincare steps that would make your skin healthy. There are various kinds of skincare routines people follow depending on their skin. You can create your skincare routine for the night.


1: Double Cleanse

If you are wearing makeup, then you need to double-cleanse your face. Once you need to wash it with the regular makeup remover that would provide you with clean skin void of any makeup product then you need to use your face wash and wash your face with a facewash and try to exfoliate at the latest twice a week. You need to clean your face properly so that there is no product residue on your face and you get clean and clear skin.

Double Cleanse

2: Night Moisturizer

There are nighttime moisturizers that can be used on the skin when you are about to sleep. You need to clean your face and then apply a night cream that would stay on your face through the night and provide your skin with the right kind of nourishment and care. These creams provide moisture to the skin and keep it hydrated. Also when you are sleeping you are not getting dirt or dust from the outside on your face, making your skin healthy.

Night Moisturizer

3: Eye Cream

The skin around your eye is softer and tender than your facial skin and although you can apply skin creams on your undereye, there are certain nutrients that your undereye might need that are not provided by the face creams. You need to have skincare products just for the eye as well. To take care of your eye you can use eye cream or eye serum and apply it before sleeping. This will provide night-long care and you can clean your face when you walk up. You can also use undereye sheets that would provide the serum needed.

Eye Cream

4: Lip Balm

You cannot forget your lips when it comes to skincare. You need to take care of them so that they are not chapped or dry. Apply lip balm after some intervals during the day. You can apply a nice layer of lip balm before sleeping to get healthy and smooth lips in the morning. Get some lip scrubs and exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry skin and make your lips healthier.

Lip Balm

5: Good Pillow Cover

The quality of your skin does not only depend on the amount of skincare you do, it also depends on the type of things that touch the skin. When you are sleeping your face comes in contact with the pillowcase and if you do not use a clean or the right kind of material this can be a problem for your skin. You should clean your pillow often so that no dirt would be on your skin when you sleep or that there are no wrinkles that would cause lines on your face.

Good Pillow Cover

You need to take proper care of your skin so that you can make your skin better and healthy. There are so many ways you can take care of your skin and help in rejuvenating it and nourishing it for the better. This way your facial skin would be clean and smooth. Make a rule to never go to bed without at least washing your face so that there is no residue of dirt or anything else on your skin. This can be a lot more problems than just acne or pimple. Nighttime skincare is very important and you need to look for the products and steps you need so that you get healthy skin for yourself.


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