With the changing season, it is important to talk proper care of yourself whether it is drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated or having a proper diet to feel energetic and fresh. You should take care of your body inside out. You should take care of your health, skin, and hair. Hair too takes up a lot of heat during summer and gets damaged. The heat can make the hair strands rough and frizzy therefore it is important to take good care of your hair and protect them from the heat during the summer season.


Let’s protect your hair from getting brittle and frizzy. Here are some of the ways you can protect your hair and keep them healthy and smooth.


1: Moisturize

The heat can dry your hair and make them frizzy and brittle. So to avoid that and to make your hair look shiny and smooth throughout the day you should apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair. Apply the leave-in conditioner when going out in open or when you are swimming. This creates a protective layer between your hair and the heat and chemicals from the sun and the pool water respectively.


2: Avoid Hair Dryers

During summers, the heat outside is a lot to damage your hair and make them rough. Add the heat to some hair appliances and think about the damage all the heat would create to your hair. So during summers try to avoid hair dryers and styling appliances as much as possible. Air dry your hair as much as possible and try to minimize the use of straighteners and curlers. Even when you have to use these appliances, use some heat protectant to protect your hair from getting damaged.

Avoid Hair Dryers

3: Protect Colored Hair

During summer, due to the heat, your hair color might get dull and can even make your hair rough and dry. Chemicals in your hair might damage your hair more than necessary due to the heat they would absorb in the summer. It is important to protect your colored hair and to make them soft and shiny. If you recently got your hair colored, avoid going out in the sun as much as possible and use some hair protection when you need to go out such as some SPF or cover the head with a scarf.

Protect Colored Hair


4: Use Sun Protection

If you do not have a scarf or a hat to cover your hair and protect it from the heat then you can use some conditioners that have SPF in them. Usually, they are left in conditioners that can provide you with protection against the heat of the sun in summer and make a protective layer between your hair and the heat of the sun. You can make some hair packs apply after your day outside to repair your hair and make them soft and healthy.

Use Sun Protection

5: Regular Trimming

During summer your hair gets rough and this creates split ends and dry hair. Make sure to get your hair trimmed at regular intervals so that you do not have any split ends or dry hair. Split ends hinder the growth of your hair and make them look messy. It is important to trim your hair to make them look neat. Get a hair spa and relax. Get a new haircut or just a regular trim and make sure that your hair is nourished and healthy.

Regular Trimming


Precaution is better than cure thus it is better to protect your hair from the heat than treat them afterward with different chemicals and masks and other things to make the hair better and to repair the damage done. It is better to take good care of hair beforehand so as to keep them in good shape and healthy. You can also apply some masks and packs on your hair to provide them with nourishment and can add new things to your diet to do the same. Remember the tips mentioned above in the list and take good care of your hair.


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