Everyone has experienced static hair. This is when your hair rubs against a surface such as a sweater or a hoodie and this cause the light hair to rise and thus the static hair. You want to get rid of this static hair because it can ruin the hairstyle you made for the day. It is easy to tame static hair but why not prevent it together from happening? You can avoid static hair by taking proper care of your hair and applying some products that provide your hair with the moisture and nourishment they need. You can use several tips and tricks to make your hair healthy and nourished and avoid static hair.


Here are some of the tips you should follow when trying to avoid static hair.


1: Leave-in Conditioner

When your hair loses moisture and becomes dry, it is more prone to static hair. Thus to avoid your hair from becoming dry and static you should use a leave-in hair conditioner after hair wash. Using a leave-in hair conditioner not only helps you in avoiding static hair but also helps in providing moisture to the hair. If you have dry hair then this is a must in your hair routine as it makes your hair soft and moisturized and thus helps you in avoiding static hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

2: No to Plastic Comb

A plastic comb will increase the amount of static in your hair and will never be able to reduce it. So instead of using a plastic comb, you should use a wooden or some other comb. If possible you should spray some hair spray to keep your hair in place and to avoid static hair. You can also look for an anti-static comb if your hair is prone to a lot of static hair.

No to Plastic Comb

3: Moisturize Your Hair

Static hair is caused by dry and brittle hair that does not have the moisture or nourishment that it needs. Thus it is important to moisturize your hair and provide them with the nutrients needed to make them healthy and smooth. You can use hair masks and hair packs regularly, you can oil your hair before washing to provide them with nutrients, and can also use other products such as hair moisturizers, and serums that contain elements useful for your hair.

Moisturize Your Hair

4: Avoid Nylon

Nylon and synthetic clothes can cause the hair to rub against them and can be the cause of static hair. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes and use synthetic pillowcases for the pillow you use. These materials make your hair dry and brittle and instead, you can use some silk pillowcases to keep your hair soft and moisturized and avoid static hair. Silk pillows have a lot of benefits and help in keeping your hair healthy. Use microfiber towels and always dab the towel on your hair and never rub it to avoid static hair.

Avoid Nylon

5: Avoid Heat Appliances

Heat styling can make the hair dry and brittle and thus increases the chances of static hair. Try to minimize the use of applicants that uses heat to style your hair. Even if you need to use these products, apply heat protectors before you use the styling products. You should style your hair without heat if possible. The heat produced by these appliances makes your hair strands dry and static. To avoid static hair you should reduce the use of styling appliances and should take care of your hair properly by using good quality hair products.


Avoid Heat Appliances

You can follow these tips mentioned in the list and get yourself healthy and shiny hair without any static when wearing sweaters or hoodies. Take proper care of your hair and use good quality products on your hair. You can also use some hair masks and other oils when providing nutrients to your hair and scalp. Usually, this static hair occurs in winter but can also happen in summer when your hair is rubbed with clothes or lacks moisture and humidity. Static hair occurs more in fine hair. Follow the tips provides to you and avoid static hair as much as you can.

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