Short Hairstyles to Try in Summer Season

Short Hairstyles to Try in Summer Season

Short Hairstyles to Try in Summer Season

Short hair is usually neglected and people think there are only a few simple hairstyles that can suit short hair. On contrary, there are so many different kinds of hairstyles that you can style short hair in and look stunning. You can look for several hairstyles that you can adorn this summer and can wear on different occasions. There are so many ways to style short hair. Not only hairstyles but also hair accessories. You can decorate your hair with different kinds of hair accessories such as pins, scarves, clips, beads, and so much more. If you are having difficulty looking for the kinds of hairstyles that you can create with short hair, then we are here to solve your problem. Look at the list below and know more about different hairstyles for short hair this summer.


1: Twisted Half Updo

This is a cute hairdo that you can go with for any casual or dressy event. All you need to do is comb your hair and section them. Use the upper part of your hair and section it. You can then use those sections and twist them nicely and then clip all the hair at the back. You can also use the hair from the clipped section and create a cute bun on the top of your head. This is a cute and simple hairstyle that would look great on you when you are out in the summer.

Twisted Half Updo

2: Bouffant With a Scarf

Let’s create an elegant and chic hairstyle. This is a beautiful hairstyle that can be accessorized with a nice scarf. You can use a scarf for a more fun and vibrant hairstyle or can ditch the scarf if you want to go with a simple and elegant look.  This look provides your hair with volume and creates a nice bouffant. Here you would need to backcomb your hair and create a bouffant that will be held with the help of some pins. You can curl the ends or can put them in pins or a bun. You can accessorize the look with a nice bright scarf.

Bouffant With a Scarf

3: Soft Curls

One of the easy ways to style hair is to curl them. Curls never go wrong. You can style them in soft curls when you are going out. This hairstyle can easily be done with the help of a curling iron and can be styled for almost all events from casual get-togethers or dinners to formal events or even a birthday or wedding. All you need to do is curl your hair the way you want and set them with a hair spray. Curls on short hair look super cute and stylish and go when with any outfit and event.

Soft Curls

4: French Braid

You would not be able to do a proper french braid with short hair but you can do a small updo with the french braid. You need to take a section of hair from the top and do a french braid and then you can use the left hair and can either curl the ends or can create a twisted bun with them. This makes the hair look beautiful. You can style this french braid with some accessories too.

French Braid

5: Twisted Buns

There are several ways to create twisted buns. You can create twisted buns on the top of your hair and create a cute and casual look with your hair or you can go with creating a bouffant on the top part of the hair and then section the hair and create twisted buns. This hairstyle can be used for formal events and also for parties and occasions. You can accessorize the style as well.

Twisted Buns


There are several other styles that you can look for and style your hair in that manner. There are so many ways you can enhance the look of your hair. With several styles, using different colors and decorating your hair with accessories. Short hair looks cute and these hairstyles will make you look cuter. These are some of the low-maintenance cuts where you can style your hair easily in less time and look stylish and stunning. You can style them in various manners according to the event you are going to. You can go to a casual event or a party or a formal event. Change your hairstyle accordingly.

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