Are you facing a problem where your hair gets damaged and becomes frizzy and brittle? This can cause the hair to break easily and can reduce the volume of your hair. If you do not look into the problem and let your hair stay brittle and damaged, this can cause a problem that cannot be solved in the future. Thus you need to take proper care of your hair and you need to look into why is your hair getting damaged, frizzy, rough, and brittle. You need to look for why are you having this problem. This can be due to a lack of certain minerals in the body or the use of some kind of chemical in the hair. It can be due to the overuse of styling products in the hair.


1: Oiling the Hair

It is important to apply oil to your hair at regular intervals. You can apply oil before your hair wash and keep it on for a few hairs. Oil helps in keeping the nutrients locked and protects your hair from the UV rays of the sun. it also moisturizes the hair follicles and makes the soft and shiny. Massage the scalp when you apply oil to increase blood circulation.

Oiling the Hair

2: Style Less

Stying appliances produces heat that causes damage to the hair and makes them rough and dry. These appliances can also cause your hair to be brittle and fall. You need to reduce the use of your styling appliances on your hair and try to avoid them as much as possible. Even when you have to use them you should apply heat protectant before you use them on your hair. This protects your hair from losing moisture and becoming brittle.

Style Less

3: Not Coloring

Hair dyes have chemicals in them and the use of these dyes transfers the chemical to your hair. These colors make your hair look good and colorful but at the same time, they also damage your hair with the chemicals present in them. They cause your hair to be thin and brittle and can cause hair fall. If you want to avoid getting your hair damaged then you need to not use these hair colors and hair dyes on your hair.

Not Coloring

4: Hair Masks

Another way to replenish your hair and make them soft and shiny is by applying hair masks and then rinsing them off hair after some time. You can get these hair masks in the stores or you can also make one yourself at your home with the ingredients present. There are several different kinds of hair masks that you can make and treat your brittle hair and change into healthy and smooth hair. Look for hair masks for brittle hair and start applying them regularly. You can also prevent your hair from getting damaged with the help of these masks.

Hair Masks

5: Milder Chemicals

When you are shopping for hair products such as shampoos and conditions and other serums, you should look at the ingredients present in these products. Some chemicals that are used in these can damage the hair and make them rough. If you have brittle hair then you need to look at these and get yourself products that have mild chemicals in them. This is to protect your hair and make them better. You can look for different products that can help you in improving your hair and change its form from dry and brittle to soft and smooth.

Milder Chemicals


The list above provides you with some great tips as to how you can avoid getting brittle hair or how you can treat your brittle hair so that they get healthy and better. These are some of the ways you can make your hair healthy. You can look for other methods and can then apply them to make your hair smooth and shiny. You need to add things to your diet such as some minerals and vitamins so that you can strengthen your hair from within as well. There are several ways you can prevent and treat your rough and brittle hair and prevent them from falling and damaging further. Take care of your hair.


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