Alternatives to Dry Shampoo That Might Help

Alternatives to Dry Shampoo That Might Help

Alternatives to Dry Shampoo That Might Help

There are times when you do not have time to wash your hair and remove the dirt and grease off the hair, such as after a workout when the sweat makes your hair bad or when you skip the hair wash day or so many more. At that time dry shampoo comes to the rescue and saves you from a bad hair day but what if you do not have dry shampoo at your place? What if the dry shampoo is empty and you are in urgent need to fix your hair before going out? At that time you need to look for other alternative products and items that you can use instead of dry shampoo. There are several products that you might already have in the house, some being very common.


1: Corn Starch

When you are out of dry shampoo you can look for alternatives in your pantry first. Corn starch is a great alternative to dry shampoo and can provide similar results. You can apply it with a brush or simply with your hands. This does not have any aroma to it and it is also lightweight. If you have dark hair, you can mix a little bit of cocoa powder to not have any kind of white residue on your hair from the corn starch. This is one of the alternatives to dry shampoo.

Corn Starch

2: Baby Powder

Baby powder is another alternative that was already used as a dry shampoo before it became famous. You can use this on your oily hair and then brush it through the hair. Try to use this powder between the layers of your hair and not sprinkle it over your part. One thing to keep in mind when using baby powder is that it has an aroma to it thus you should use it in a limited amount and should check before for any allergies.

Baby Powder

3: Bloating Paper

You can use the blotting papers you use for your oily skin on your oily hair. Blotting paper is usually used to remove excess oil from the face so that the oil does not ruin the makeup and this blotting paper can also be used to remove excess oil from hair. You can dab the paper over your hair and they then remove excess oil from the hair providing better, drier hair that looks better and a lot less oily. These are small and thus you can carry them with you throughout the day and thus can have a nice hair day.

Bloating Paper

4: Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar is a common product used in diets and skincare and can also be used in hair care. This product has several benefits when it comes to using it on hair and you can also use it on your hair as a dry shampoo. You need to add some drops of apple cider vinegar to a spray bottle full of water and spray it on your hair. This will make your hair look a lot better and there would be no residue like the powders or dry shampoo that you use.

Apple Cider

5: Setting Powder

You must have a translucent setting powder in your makeup kit. This powder is used on your face to set the makeup but this can be an easy alternative for dry shampoo. This can get rid of the excess oil and make your hair look better. This works well when you dab it over the hair so that it can absorb the oil and then brush the hair to get rid of excess powder from the hair.

Setting Powder

This helps you make your hair and make them look presentable. Bad hair day can be fixed by either a good hairstyle or with the help of dry shampoo or now the alternatives of dry shampoo. You can also use these products that are mentioned in the list of your new dry shampoo. People experiment a lot when needed and these are the products of those experiments where people look for alternatives when they do not have the one needed. You can use the products mentioned in the list instead of dry shampoo or on the days when you do not have dry shampoo and get ready for the day.


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