One-shoulder tops and dresses are very popular and these are versatile when styling up for any party or event. You can wear them to different kinds of events and parties and have a great outfit for the event. But along with the outfit you need to make sure that your whole attire looks great which includes makeup and hair. Today we present to you some of the stylish hairstyles that you can go with when you are wearing one-shoulder dresses or tops that would flatter your look. Your hair can be styled in multiple ways but it needs to be styled in the one that would complement the dress and make your look stunning. The ones listed in the list here are the ones that would look great with a one-shoulder dress.


1: High Topknot

You can create a nice and sleek top knot bun that would enhance your look. there are several different kinds of topknots that you can go with this high topknot. To do so you need to make a high and sleek ponytail that would stay tight and would create a snatched look with all the hair away from the face. Take the hair from the pony and twist them to create a bun. This will elevate your neck and you can wear long earrings with this look. Use gel or hairspray to tame the baby’s hair.

High Topknot

2: Side Braid

You can keep your hair in a braid, a side braid that would be on the side where the shoulder of the dress is so that the side without the shoulder is exposed and look fashionable. This hairstyle helps you style your outfit and helps you show off your dress and shoulder. You can braid your hair in many styles one of the most stylish ones is the mermaid braid. Add beads or other accessories to the braid to make it more stylish.

Side Braid

3: Side-Swept Waves

Wavy hair looks great and is a versatile hairstyle that you can do for any event and function and can even do on daily basis. Wavy hair is easy to achieve and maintain and here for a one-shoulder dress, you can show your shoulder and neckline by sweeping the hair to one side. You can even add a clip or a hairband for this look. Waves add softness to the look and make you look beautiful. They complete the look.

Side-Swept Waves

4: Soft Updo

Want to have a soft and simple look that would make you look cute and stylish? Then you can go for a soft updo that would be a great way to style your hair when you are wearing a dress. This is a cute hairstyle that goes well for many parties and events. If you are going to a wedding or party and you are wearing a cute one-shoulder dress then you can style your hair in this stunning soft updo that would make your hair look great and that would complement the style.

Soft Updo

5: Sleek Ponytail

You can also go for a sleek low ponytail if you are looking for ways to sleek and modern. If your dress is a bodycon or a skin-fit dress with one shoulder then you can go for a sleek low ponytail that would elevate the look and make you look great. This is a stylish hairstyle that would be a great way to style up for any event. You can go for a middle part or a side part when styling your ponytail.

Sleek Ponytail

Look beautiful at all the events where you are styling up a one-should top or dress. These are the hairstyles that would look great with these kinds of dresses. There is a variety of dresses and thus there is a variety of hairstyles that would look great with different types of dresses. You need to get to know more about the dresses and the hairstyles that you can use and pair when you are styling up for parties and events. This makes it easier for you to dress up and look chic. You can adorn your hair with the help of some hair accessories to add to the look.

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