Things to Avoid While Styling Your Hair

Things to Avoid While Styling Your Hair

Things to Avoid While Styling Your Hair

Hair can elevate the overall look of your attire. To do so you need to style your hair in a particular style you are going for with the outfit. You sure do love styling them and making your hair look great. You can curl your hair, make them straight, add volume to them, or make the sleek into a ponytail, the options are endless. It is okay to style your hair as much as you want to but at the same time, you need to take care of your hair so that you do not damage them when styling. There are several products that you apply to your hair while styling and less or more use of certain products can cause damage to your hair.


1: Using a High Heat

When you are styling up your hair, you need to use some heat in order to make them the way you want. You can use a straightener, curler, blow dryer, or any other product that would help you style your hair. This heat can damage your hair and strip off the moisture making them rough and dry. To style and keep the damage to a minimum you can keep the heat setting to a minimum. This will reduce the damage as much as possible.

Using a High Heat

2: Not Using Heat Protectant

Never make this mistake. This will damage your hair to an extreme level. When you are using any kind of heating appliance to style your hair you need to apply heat protectant spray. This protectant spray can provide your hair with a protective layer that would minimize heat damage. You need to apply it before styling your hair so that the spray creates a layer between the hair strands and the heat and would thus retain the moisture and softness, not making your hair strands rough or damaged.

Not Using Heat Protectant

3: Using the Wrong Product

Get to know what type of hair you have and then get different hair products. Different types of products have ingredients that are useful for different hair types. You cannot use products made for dry hair on your oily and greasy hair. If you have thin hair you need different products than the ones used on thicker hair. Thus you need to learn about your hair type, their needs, and what and how much nourishment they require, and then you can add them to your hair care routine.

Using the Wrong Product

4: Washing Too Often

People often wash their hair every day or on alternative days. It is okay to do so if you need to remove any hair product that you used while styling but you need not wash them that frequently. Washing your hair frequently strips the natural oil and makes them frizzy and dry. You can use dry shampoo to get rid of the greasiness. Try to wash your hair twice a week and thrice if necessary only.

Washing Too Often

5: Tying Too Tight!

Ponytails are elegant and sleek and there are different ways you can style one. You can go for a low pony or high. You can even make a tight bun that would create a nice and elegant look. But these tight hairstyles make your hair brittle and break them. If you keep on tying your hair too much and in a tight hairstyle you are going to damage your hair as well as your hairline. Let your hair breathe and make them healthy by giving them break and keeping them down or in a loose hairstyle.

Tying Too Tight!


Styling is a proper process and thus you need to be particular about the products and devices you use when you are styling your hair. Add new products into your haircare routine that would provide your hair proper nourishment to make up for the damage heat appliances made on your hair. The mistakes mentioned in the list above need to be remembered so that you do not damage your hair further the next time you style them. Wash your hair with good quality products along with a proper hair routine so that you can replenish them. Try to avoid hair styling appliances that use heat as much as possible and take proper care of your hair.

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