Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hair


Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is the bumps that you feel after you shave or wax. These are the hair particles on the skin that could not get out or that grow back to the skin and get trapped under it. This can cause a bit of irritation and can also turn your skin red. You might feel itchy when you have these ingrown hairs. But you need not worry. There are so many ways you can remove these ingrown hairs from your body and get that smooth and healthy skin. You can even get some home remedies that help in eradicating these. Along with the remedies you need to know about the ways you can prevent these ingrown hairs so that you can practice all those to prevent that and have smooth skin.


1: Avoid Tight Clothes

Clothes that rub on your skin might be the cause of ingrown hair on your skin. Friction can cause irritation to your skin and that in turn would make you have ingrown hair. If you do have some ingrown hair and want to reduce them and prevent them further you can try wearing loose clothes. At least try to wear loose clothes when you have shaved your skin so that there is no friction between them and you do not have any sort of irritation.

Avoid Tight Clothes

2: Not to Shave on Dry Skin

Pamper your skin before you shave. You should never shave on dry skin. Always hydrate the skin, exfoliate it so as to remove the dead skin cells, use good shaving cream and then apply the razor. Try to glide that smoothly over the skin so that there are no hair pulls that can cause skin bumps after. After you have shaved, you need to apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. This will help you prevent any ingrown hair that you might get after you shave.

Not to Shave on Dry Skin

3: Use a Sharp Razor

It is an important task to use a sharp razor when you are shaving your body because a sharp razor would glide gently over the skin and remove all the hair without pulling them and thus avoiding getting razor bumps. Sharp blazed can help you have smooth shaving and provides you with clean skin whereas if you use a dull razor, that might make your skin irritated, pull the hair, or not shave properly and thus proving you a variety of problems.

Use a Sharp Razor

4: Keep Your Skin Clean

Another reason you might get ingrown hair is that you might not keep your skin clean after you remove your hair by any method. If you sweat, you are near dist, dirt, there are chances that you might get them in your pores that would then irritate your skin, which can cause redness and itchiness. You can even get ingrown hair because of this. Therefore it is better to shower after you have come from outside or after you have exercised so that all the sweat and pollutants are removed from the skin.

Keep Your Skin Clean

5: Direction of the Hair

If you are waxing your hair then you are to apply the wax in the direction of growth and pull in the opposite. This helps in the easy removal of hair. You need to know how to properly wax or shave when you are removing your hair from the skin because the wrong way of removal can damage the skin and can ingrown hair. You can increase the number of ingrown hair if you do not take proper care of your skin and hair.


Even after all the prevention and removal techniques you still have ingrown hair, or if they keep on coming back, then you need to get the right kind of treatment. Get to a specialty and get them removed. You can get laser hair removal for your ingrown hair. They remove the hair from the hair follicle and thus mean no hair and in turn mean no ingrown hair. These laser treatments are safe and you can get them done by someone who is experienced in this field. Before going for this permanent method, try to prevent ingrown hair with the help listed here in the list above. Do not remove them without being careful.


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