How to Take Care of Coarse Hair?

Coarse Hair

How to Take Care of Coarse Hair?

Coarse here are thick hair strands that look beautiful but can be a bit tedious to style and manage. These hair strands are thicker than a thread and thus they can be difficult to style and take care of as they would need more moisture, would get dry easily, and would look frizzy and rough. They require a lot of care and all the right kind of products to keep them soft and lustrous. You need to take proper care of your hair to make them healthy, soft and have good volume. You can go for salon hair treatments or can take care of your hair at home by following some very easy steps. These steps help you in taking care of your hair and making them look good and easier to maintain and style.


1: Massage With Hair Oils

Although these are the thickest strands they are most likely to get dry and rough how else can you reduce dryness from your hair than a good hair massage? You can use any kind of hair oil that would then nourish the hair and make them soft and shiny. These oil massages not only provide you with soft and nourished hair but also provides you with a healthier scalp. The massage helps in blood circulation and thus helps in the growth of new hair.

Massage With Hair Oils

2: Washing Hair Properly

Try not to use too much product when you are washing your hair. There are different ways you can wash your hair and clean them. You can either go with the easy and most used way which is shampooing the roots and conditioning the tips or can go with the reverse cleaning where you use conditioner first and then the shampoo. There are different ways to wash your hair and you can get clean and healthy hair with these different methods.

Washing Hair Properly

3: Right Products

If you have coarse hair you need to look for products that can lock the moisture for a long time and not let the hair dry out easily. There are so many products that can provide you with the moisture you need and keep your hair looking soft and shiny. Coarse hair loses lustrous and looks dull after some time thus you can get some hair serums and hair masks to add that shiny back to the hair.

Right Products

4: Avoid Hair Appliances

When you wash your hair, after washing try to air dry your hair as much as possible. Hair dryers use hot air to dry the hair which would then damage your hair and make them rough and dry. It might take away the moisture and shininess from the hair. Try to avoid other hair styling applicants as much as possible and if needed only use them after applying a layer of heat protectant on your hair so that you keep the moisture in the hair strands intact.

Avoid Hair Appliances

5: Hair Rinses

Hair rinses help in making your hair look soft and silky and they can even stay in your hair without the need to shampoo. You can use them after you clean and wash your hair and let them in your hair to make them look shiny and manageable. You can make a hair rinse by yourself or can easily get it from the market. Spray them on your hair at least once a week to nourish your hair and prevent them from drying. This makes your hair soft and shiny.

Hair Rinses

These steps provide you with ideas as to how can you work well with coarse hair. Coarse hair, thick hair, and curly hair all are different and thus need different care. People usually confuse the three and that leads to the wrong treatment of the hair which makes the hair more damaged rather than getting better. You need to learn properly how to take care of your hair and what hair type you have before you apply any product to it. This helps in making your hair look a lot better. This list tells you how to work with coarse hair. Take proper care of your hair.


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