Peekaboo Highlight Ideas That Will Impress You!


Peekaboo Highlight Ideas That Will Impress You!

Do you want to know what kind of hair coloring trend has taken over social media and is trending? It is the peekaboo highlights. You would have guessed it from the name itself what if means? When it means when you have color underneath a layer of other color and it shows when you style up your hair, thus the color peekaboos after they are styled. These types of highlights are often between two clashing yet complementary colors so that they work well together and at the same time you get to see different shades properly. Not only two but you can go for as many colors as you want. Look at the list of some peekaboo suggestions for you.


1: Black With Red Highlights

Black and red are a great combination when it comes to hair. You can see different kinds of hair styling and coloring done with these combinations. Why not get some peekaboo highlights with this combination? Get some bright red highlights and cover them with a layer of black hair to cover the highlights, these highlights can then only be seen when you clip your hair, curl then, braid, or any other style.

Black With Red Highlights

2: Purple With Blonde

Blond hair is easy to color as you do not need too much bleach. They can be colored into the perfect shade with ease and thus here we have a new combination for your blonde hair, purpler highlights. You can go with any shade of purpler, from the darkest to the lightest one, and can use it on your hair. They would look magical with the combination of dark and light and with the golden touch of blonde to the floral touch of purple.

Purple With Blonde

3: Multi-Color Highlights

Jet black hair can work with any kind of color when it comes to highlighting. You can go from the lightest shade to the brightest or the shiniest. It does not matter. This is the shade that can be paired with as many colors without making your hair look bad and thus here is a multi-color highlight that you can use to color. You can go for as many shades as blue, green, pink, purple, white, grey, or blonde, or can go for a rainbow highlight under the black hair.

Multi-Color Highlights

4: Pastel With Blonde

Let’s create something magical. Here is a feminine touch to hair coloring with the help of pastel shades. These pastel highlights with blonde hair would look super stunning and cute. The shine of blonde hair along with the softness of pastel colors would make it a great hair color to go with. You can use as many pastel colors as you want. Braid them and add some hair accessories to complete the look.

Pastel With Blonde

5: A Pop of Pink

Add a pop of pink to your hair. This pink can be the lightest and softest pink or can be hot pink. There are so many shades of pink that work wonderfully with all the different shades of hair that it can be an ideal color to use for peekaboo highlights. Get the color at the end of your scalp so that when you put your hair in a pony or high bun, it showcases the pink color. You can also go for simple peekaboo highlights with his color that can be shown in soft curls.

A Pop of Pink

Hair colors let you be creative. There are so many colors that you can get for your hair and style them. These highlights are creative and magical. The bright color along with the layer covering it, only be seen when you style the hair in a peekaboo manner, adds a pop to the hairstyle. These highlights make your hair look great and your hairstyle look better. When you braid your hair with these highlights this adds more depth and volume to the look. You need to maintain them and make sure that the color does not fade by using the right kind of shampoo and giving your hair a touchup wherever needed. Head to the salon and get these stunning highlights done.


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