How Can You Have Oral Hygiene?

How Can You Have Oral Hygiene

How Can You Have Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is not just important for your teeth. It is something that you can not ignore for long or it pays adversely. Because our teeth are that organ that enjoys no privilege or repair by our body. Being an outer sanctum of calcium, it has to be manually taken care of before any problem begins in the cavity. Washing your mouth and hands becomes vital. Bad oral hygiene will likely be painful for your digestive tract, mouth, and your facial skin.

So let us see what things are necessary for you to have perfect oral hygiene and how you can prevent problems relating to your mouth.


  1. Washing Your Mouth

It is important to wash your mouth right after you had your meal or anything sweet to avoid bacteria build-up that accumulates in the cavity and erodes the enamel. Washing your mouth in time will also make sure that no particles are stuck in your molars or in between teeth. Food particles also stick around the edges of the mouth where the skin might go bad. Make sure to include this basic practice in your daily routine.

Washing Your Mouth

  1. Brushing Your Teeth

The most pressed oral hygiene tip is to brush your teeth daily at least once if not twice. This is an important step that will keep plaque, bad breath, decay, gum problems, etc. away. But while you brush your teeth, put these tips to use:


  • The bristles should not be hard ever
  • Too much toothpaste doesn’t mean too good cleaning
  • Brushing aggressively will clean less and bleed more
  • Focus on each tooth set
  • Don’t let the brush touch your gums

Brushing Your Teeth

  1. Chew More

The teeth that don’t chew more invite more problems for themselves than for the tummy. Chewing food 20-30 times is recommended. It breaks down food better for you. In addition to that, one has to keep challenging one’s teeth with a bit harder foods that are either crunchy or hard so the teeth become strong over time. Such training should start at a younger age so that by old age, your teeth would not be wobbly.

Chew More

  1. Flossing

Flossing can be a tricky treat for many of us and is majorly inconvenient. If you don’t have the right flossing, you are likely to mess up and bleed your gums. Flossing in between your teeth slowly without touching the gums should be the only way you will follow. This step will take out unwanted substances from your teeth that might rot inside your teeth while being stuck there for too long. But do not ever overdo it and go slower.


  1. Taking in Cloves

Cloves have great antiseptic properties that help prevent tooth problems at best. This is why it is often made as an ingredient in toothpaste and paste powders. Chewing on cloves also helps with a toothache. The magical properties of cloves get rid of bacteria and hence your teeth will stay fresh without the buildup. Your breath will improve gradually and you will feel stronger. The gums, though, should not touch the clove or the clove oil as it’s very strong and not meant for the inner organs as such.

Taking in Cloves

So there you go with the top most useful tips for your oral hygiene to stay on point. It will enhance the performance of your teeth and help you get through cavities or plaques if you have any. Make sure you give some 10 minutes to your oral hygiene. This would help your teeth sustain for a long and without any inconvenience. Also, don’t ignore your dear tongue!

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