How to Have Smooth Skin in Winter Season?

How to Have Smooth Skin in Winter Season

How to Have Smooth Skin in Winter Season?


Smooth skin during the cold season is no easy success. It begins to wither in very few hours. So one has to work a lot to achieve smooth skin. Timely moisturizing is the key but it is hard to get through as we are shivering all day and taking off any layer of clothing is a mountain task. So we do know that we have to moisturize it as often as possible. But are you sure that that’s all you have got the list?

We certainly know that there is more to achieving smooth skin when your skin is prone to flaking more and more, dirtying your clothes in and out. The best part of winter self-care is that it motivates you even further. So here are some ways to have smooth skin when it is freezing outside.


  1. Have More Fluids

Taking in more hot coffee, teas, chocolates, and warm and sweet pastries will keep alive during the winter season. It doesn’t end there, these items will keep you hydrated from within. You feel more rejuvenated and stay warm with hot teas all day. Drinking more fluids will make sure that your skin cell turnover is more time and it is nourished and glowing. Who doesn’t like supple skin? You can also take help from syrup-based multivitamins to have a more holistic approach (upon consultation only).

Have More Fluids

  1. Get Rid of Body Hair

It is best to get the laser hair removal done during the autumn season so you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting it waxed off painfully mid-winter. Getting rid of body hair will help you achieve much smoother skin with all the poking hair gone.

Get Rid of Body Hair

  1. Moisturize With Oils!

Moisturizing your skin thoroughly is a key supplement for proper skin functioning. With contact will woolen clothes, your skin is much more likely to get irritated because of constant friction. It is great to cover yourself in a heavy moisturizer right after showering when the skin is still moist. Going right in this direction, use a light or heavy oil all over your body before you get dressed up for going back to bed. You can use jojoba, hemp, argan, sunflower oils, etc. for the purpose.

Moisturize With Oils!

  1. Chemical Exfoliating

Chemical exfoliation is an easy step in skincare because it keeps your skin free from unwanted patches and of course, acne. This means that not only you will have clear skin but you will also be able to enjoy smooth skin because of the exfoliation. It takes less effort. You would quietly and quite effectively be done with your skincare without having to get out of bed and get your hands cold. It is important to take a consultation with a derma before.

Chemical Exfoliating

  1. Get Steamy With Towel Scrub

Steam helps our skin to get cleared and brightened up. Plus, it feels warm on the skin. But we can combine some exfoliation here so that the moistened dead cells are gotten rid of easily. This results in smoothened skin. What you can do here is take a damp towel with you for a post-steam wipe. Gently rub the exposed skin with the towel in a circular motion and wash off the area. Put oils or moisturizers of your choice and there, you have healthy-looking skin!

Get Steamy With Towel Scrub


There were some useful things you can include in your winter skincare if you want to have smooth skin through the weather. These tips will help you maintain your skincare regime successfully throughout the freezing period. Then you will have a better grip on yourself! Taking your skin needs into perspective is a long-term payoff. You realize some instantly and then after a few weeks of attention, you see more improvement. After a few months have passed, you begin to crave the same attention that you have been serving it. The results will show too!

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