Ways to Care For Dark Elbows and Knees


Ways to Care For Dark Elbows and Knees

We all have been that lazy person in bed on our study table. We remember caring less for ourselves and working hard with a straight back whereas many of us have enjoyed shows in bed lying on our stomachs. Hence, many of us have dark elbows and we can’t help it with anything. We tried many things, even bathed every day without a miss but these never left us. Well, the thing completely feeds on a lousy lifestyle. The darkening of certain spots in our body indicated neglect of the area, it may not be cleaned that often. But since that is covered already, what are we missing?

Here are the ways you can try to care for dark elbows and knees.


  1. Avoid Putting the Tension

The most important aspect of taking care of darkened elbows and knees is to leave the poor habit of putting tension on them. Avoid sitting in a posture that puts pressure on the skin. Don’t lean over your desk. Avoid kneeling down for too long. Engage in more functional exercises to keep the blood pumping. Getting rid of this habit can help by engaging in outdoor activities more and more and sitting idle will worsen your habit.

Avoid Putting the Tension

  1. Moisturize

Dry skin develops more creases and gets patchy with time. Slowly the area appears to be neglected. Moisturizing the area daily would need to clean the area properly and put a lotion that keeps it moist for a long. The moment loses its moisture, it loses its shine. If you don’t skin to get darkened, protect it from direct sunlight and keep it clean, always. Use a lighter moisturizer for the summer season because it gets sticky then. Use a heavy oil like shea butter in the winter season.


  1. Use Lactic Acid Exfoliation

Some form of active ingredient is essential to get rid of the excess in less time. It gives enough boost to your daily skincare regimen. Lactic acid chemical exfoliators are greatly useful to slowly get rid of darkened skin spots. Now we have only given you an idea here. You first need to take a consultation with a derma who would tell you if you need it absolutely.

Use Lactic Acid Exfoliation

  1. Take Help From Tomato

Tomato rubs have been a household remedy for tanned and darkened skin areas. You need to clean and soak your hands and feet in warm water. Cut a tomato in half and slowly rub the two halves religiously over your knees and elbows. If you wish, you can put some honey too because it makes the skin squeaky clean!

Take Help From Tomato


  1. Scrub the Area Carefully

Scrubbing your elbows and knees regularly will make sure the skin remains smooth and clear of dirt that the crease tends to collect. The point is, you should not be ignored. You can use any regular scrub paste to clean the area or put on a mask if you want to give some moisture. Soaking before physical exfoliation always helps. And moisturizing twice right after exfoliation helps further. You should do that at least once a week.

Scrub the Area Carefully

So, now you are good to go with these skincare tips. These target the darkened area around your knees and elbows well. Though there is no guarantee that it will certainly go away but it will begin to fade at least and the excess will get reduced with the regular regimen. These tips will be helpful because they have been tried and tested. You clean and scrub your elbows and knees, give them as much care as your other parts of the body, and then you use chemical exfoliation to smoothen the darkening. It is a detailed process and takes a few weeks to show results.

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