Lip Care Do’s and Don’t’s You Should Know

Lip Care Do’s and Don’t’s You Should Know

Lip Care Do’s and Don’t’s You Should Know


How can you be a complete package with tortured lips that have not been taken care of? If you have neglected your lips so far and now they are a pain to manage because of distress, you need to act quickly and smartly. The skin there is quite sensitive and needs ample care so when you are dehydrated, it is not on the verge of dying, rather, can handle some testing.

For many people, the mouth area comes to focus first. You don’t have eyebrows and teeth, your empty mouth will attract attention before your missing eyebrows will. To have a good-looking lip and overall face too, you have to make sure you pump in enough moisture.


  1. Yes to Moisturizing

Drink water. Yes, the simple and far-reaching impact for healthy lips is drinking more water, and taking in more hydration so that you have a comfortable time caring for your lips. Yes, they could get very chapped at times but you can always rely on natural balms and oils that are quite effective in what they do. You would need to be addicted to them so you have a healthy habit of keeping your lips covered under topical moisturization.

Yes to Moisturizing

  1. Yes to Scrubbing

Nope, you can not make excess out of it because your sensitive skin might take it adversely and there is no point torturing it. Go soft and gentle while giving a 2-min physical exfoliation. This will take off the dead cells (which are keen on picking with your teeth), leaving you with supple soft lips. But you shouldn’t do excess just because the result is great. Put a moisturizing balm right after.

Yes to Scrubbing

  1. Yes to Masking

A great masking ritual is quite comforting for the lips. Make DIY masks including yogurt, honey, cream, or oats that provide an unhindered supply of hydration. Make the masks sit for some time and if you are brave enough, try the same mask overnight for exclusively soft lips in the morning. This would go on easily and effortlessly, and you would not have to think a lot about finding time for this.

In case you are in a hurry for making your lips look instantly good, try a mask from the drugstore and put the same on for 15 mins or so.

Yes to Masking

  1. No Picking and Biting

It is necessary to not keep picking off from the lips because you might overdo it. This makes way for bleeding and results in wounds. Big no especially for people who are worried about skin health, let the thing heal itself, and if it is developing dead cells, like any other body in our system, try taking out time to scrub that off instead of making yourself bleed.

Constantly biting your lips inside or around is also harmful, make sure you keep the mouth area clean to avoid infections. Biting your lips often makes the contact with teeth on the skin which may bring in more bacteria that is not good for skin health.

No Picking and Biting


The most beautiful lips need not be worked on unnecessarily because it happens to be more damaging than you think. Supple lips require you to intake more hydration and blood-purifying foods so that the toxicity is cleaned regularly. This will give overall health to your lips so they maintain their natural color and shine.

We see that when we are not considerate of our lips, they become dull in color, become rough and chappy, and they begin to lose their color. Find some time and invest in a good moisturizer and make space for the same in your skincare routine.

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