Smooth feet are an easy feat, against what people generally make the concern look like, it isn’t inevitable. You might get the impression of your rough feet are overwhelmingly bad and beyond cure but it is not as bad as they may look.

Through some of the home remedies and with some aligning with a derm, you can effectively get rid of cracked heels if you are desperate enough. The key is moisturization, but you will need to take care of the myriad things so neglected. Following are some tips to achieve smooth feet without making a mess. Keep reading!


  1. Clean Feet = Healthy Feet

Clean feet and a clean floor will help you keep hygiene checked because it is the dirt that is collected by your feet that gradually turns the surface of the skin drier and drier. Furthermore, it increases the scope of the buildup of creases and makes your feet appear cracked. Dirt also gets collected in your nails. This is why you should clean your hands and feet regularly so that the dirt buildup can be avoided and the skin gets hydrated.

Clean Feet = Healthy Feet

  1. Moisturize + Massage

Nothing beats the value of moisturization when it comes to dry skin. We know how much dryness can promote rough-looking skin. The same rule works for your feet. Smooth feet are supported by a complete dose of hydration all day and throughout the seasons, dry and humid. You can opt for oils like almond, coconut, or shea to moisturize your legs post-bath. Repeat this step every day to achieve results in 3-4 months.

Moisturize + Massage

  1. Footwear

It is important to take note of the footwear you are using. If you are using the ones made of clothes, your feet’ skin will likely turn dry quickly because all the natural oils will be soaked up by the material. Use footwear that either covers you fully or the material is non-absorbent and can be easily washed like sturdy flip-flops.


  1. Soaking and Scrubbing Off

A hardened foot’s skin can be dealt with by scrubbing it off. But an effective scrubbing comes right after soaking your feet in warm soapy water for some time. Giving yourself a tiny pedicure sesh, you will scrub off the dead cells that have buildup and have given your skin an unusual texture. Soak your feet in warm water for 10-12 minutes and then begin to physically exfoliate your skin through and through. Do not forget to moisturize afterward to seal in the moisture.

You can make the process as exhaustive as time allows you.

Soaking and Scrubbing Off

  1. Overnight Care

There are plenty of options for providing hydration to your feet all night long. Through this, the cracked feet are healed within a few days and will provide a smooth surface to your worked-up feet. Feet skin can get thickened gradually if not softened because of the organ’s functionality, it hardly gets your empathy. An overnight hydration pack is easy to put on and comfortable. Another way is to cover your feet with plenty amount of shea butter and cover them with wrapping paper.

Overnight Care


Through these ways, taking care of your damaged feet will become more organized and results will be delivered much early than you expect.


First off, it is strictly advised to see a derm for any anticipated traces of infection, if it seems so. Then move on to the ointments that they prescribe because nothing better than that will ever cure the problem you have. Home remedies deliver results lightly over time and might not target your exact problem. Anyway, these tips will surely help your feel become softer and smell healthy.

Always give your best!

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