Morning and nighttime skincare routines matter together and bring impact together, you miss out one for once and your face gets offended. While we love some skin preparation in the morning to start our day with extra bedazzlement, we should also know that nightly relief for the skin that was exposed to unwanted dirt and sun all day is also equally.

Here are some things that you need to keep in your skincare fridge for an effective nighttime skincare routine. This way you will be given ample time for your facial skin to recover and glisten up with adequate moisture.


  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps rejuvenate your skin over time by boosting radiance in your skin. With such brightening of dull and pale-looking skin, hyperpigmentation begins to fade away and your face feels, well, less lifeless. It is advised to apply Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, etc. twice a day or every 8 hours for its effect to show in time. So if you have applied during the day to avoid oxidation, repeat during the night too. Just keep in mind that you can’t use any actives right after. Wait at least 30 mins.

Vitamin C

  1. Retinol

Retinol should only be applied once the sun is down. Because even the slightest hint of the sun can be damaging your skin that is under the effect, be it the ointment, moisturizer, or serum. Overnight, your skin will bear the results of regular application of retinol. Such an amount of unhindered attention will give you smoother-looking skin in a matter of 3-4 months.

Since retinol has a scrubbing effect on the top layer of the skin, be sure to top it all with a soothing moisturizer.


  1. Hydration

An essential part of any skincare regimen is to make sure to put enough hydrating elements over the skin. If you have been out there running errands all day, sure is your skin begging for moisture and your lips yearning for hydration. Keep a lightweight moisturizer or hydrating sprays for the touch-ups as well as some thick moisturizer to pack your lips. Pack in multiple layers of moisturizing factors and be as exhaustive in your regime as you like.


  1. Massage

Since you have taken out some time for yourself, this is seemingly the most ‘me time’ you are getting. Make sure to make the most out of it. While you are moisturizing your skin plenty, which is great, you can depuff or enhance the softness of the skin using light massaging. Take a thick moisturizer with hydrating agents and glisten your clean face with it. Focus on cheeks, jawline, T-point, lips, etc. one by one till the product is well absorbed. You will the facial skin relaxing bit by bit.


  1. Eye Cream

An eye cream seems like a lifesaver. Been ignorant of taking care of your eyes? Pack in some thick moisturizer or eye cream (although you need not buy a dedicated cream for the eyes) that has a lot of moisture, and a little soothing effect. You can get one with special ingredients to work on fine lines, but that is entirely optional. Scorched skin around the eyes would anyway bear more fine lines.

Eye Cream

These were some great things you should be including in your skincare regimen. Without a doubt, they will help your skin prepare for the next day and recover fast. Use actives at night as the actives react adversely after sun exposure. Better safe than sorry. Also, if you are into experimenting, save that for nighttime, when you are going to hit the pillow sack and have brushed your teeth. Nighttime is perfect for doing something different, especially if you didn’t have time during the day for quality masking time, during the night you can relax with a face mask.

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