Back acne is hard to even look at! Can’t say for sure, are you that flexible? Jokes apart, acne can be a tedious thing to deal with. If you are not doing it the right way, you will probably struggle for longer! So, here, some methods are been suggested that can get rid of those irritating breakouts on your back.

Some of these are simple ways of exfoliation while others are suggestive of bringing improvements in lifestyle because, of course, you would want to prevent back acne whenever you can.


  1. Salicylic Acid to the Rescue

Salicylic acid is a great chemical exfoliant for acne of any kind. With regular use, you can prevent such acne from showing up now and then and also help fade away the blemishes from the reduced acne. The blackheads hate this chemical but don’t worry, it is much gentle on your skin than you think it is. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably try a patch test and start with a low frequency. You can choose from cream-based or water-based ointment over a clean back.

Salicylic Acid to the Rescue

  1. Mastery of Retinol

Retinol, too, is scientifically proven to erase fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, and give spotless skin. One product does a lot of things for you. All you need is retinol-based cream that you will need to spread over your back and then moisturize afterward with gentle hands. This will slowly work on those unruly breakouts and kill them. Within a matter of two to three months, your back will be mostly cleared out. Yes, don’t skip on derma’s prescription!

Mastery of Retinol

  1. Changing Clothes

Many acne types thrive on bad hygiene standards. You are not to be entirely blamed for this because, at times, your back can get very sweaty, for example, when you have worked out or have been running errands for a long, etc. Don’t worry, just ensure a thorough wash after you have finished your work and make it a solid habit. Apply the ointments post-wash regularly for maximum results. Change your clothes and sheets every day.

Changing Clothes

  1. Choosing What to Wear

Poor choice of clothing can irritate the skin to the extent that we sometimes don’t realize it. This results in sweating staying on the body’s skin for too long. Likewise, certain clothes are rough to touch and develop rashes all over our backs. If you wish to keep these problems at a safe distance, choose comfortable clothing, that is not only breezy and soft to the touch but is also clean. Never repeat sweaty clothing!

Choosing What to Wear

  1. Exfoliate Physically

Scrubbing your back can be hard but this is where bathing brushes come in handy. These brushes get rid of dead cells easily from your back when accompanied by quality shower gel. Don’t overdo it, you just need a few scratches here and. Avoid scrubbing when you have active acne, this will pop them up prematurely, damage the skin, and invite more infection. Rather, incorporate this method once your creams have done their work.

Exfoliate Physically

Besides the aforementioned ways, it is also integral for your back to get some air once in a while. After you have put on a pint topical treatment, don’t clothe right away, give the skin some time to absorb the medication by lying on your stomach. This will dry up the acne much faster, and yes, prefer sleeping on your tummy for some time, till the acne are not sore anymore.

These methods are not random advice but are very much endorsed by dermatologists so that you develop the habit of maintaining good hygiene. Great hygiene standards and good diet intake ensure clear skin. Whether it is induced by bodily heat or by infection, all of them can be dealt with. So, stay relaxed and keep moisturizing!

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