Acne is a constant worry for many. If not duly taken care of, it only worsens and doesn’t just disappear on its own. Indeed, because mostly acne is an indication of bodily imbalance, infections, and inflammation. If that hasn’t been acted upon, acne will stay around for quite a long time, and won’t care how miserable you’ve become. All this mess can be avoided when your diet is on the right track. So, this is why we are giving a list of foods that you need to include in your diet for a sufficient supply of nutrients. Stay tuned!


  1. Berries

Different kinds of berries like cranberries, blueberries, raspberries with raisins, and dates provide a wholesome dose of nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. that promise to glow from within. Add them to salads, smoothies, sweet porridge, juices, jams, etc. Berries can also be a sweet addition to your homemade baking experience.


  1. Citrus Fruits

A healthy dose of Vitamin C is essential to fight off infections and keep those bumps off of your face. This will be brought to you by oranges, kaffir lime, Indian Gooseberry, grapefruit, clementine, kumquats, and many more tropical fruits. They are tasty options that can be consumed throughout the day and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Make juice, jams, detox drinks, or lemonade, or you can eat them raw without any processing.

Citrus Fruits

  1. Kale

Kale is a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are rarely found together in other food items. This provides an all-rounded safeguard to keep the acne away with a healthy blood flush. Kale can be best eaten in salads with yogurt, lime, salt, cherry tomatoes, avocado, honey, and figs to prep a delicious and satiating bowl. It can also be eaten in sandwiches or there is another option of rolling them with protein-based fillings and then cooking them like cabbage rolls.


  1. Milk-based

Dairy foods are great sources of protein, the component that makes your skin. Your skin needs its supply of amino acids which will replenish the skin by forming new cells. Foods like curd, cottage cheese, butter, and milk supplies with enough protein to give you younger-looking skin, and the fats present in them will enrich your skin with moisture. This moisture will build a tough skin barrier and cause much less skin irritation. Yogurt also has anti-inflammatory properties, proven to calm your stomach so to ensure heat balance.


  1. Papaya

This magical fruit presents many things. It is rich in dynamic antioxidants which help fight off free radicals that slow down the appearance of signs of aging. This one is loaded with vitamins, potassium, and folate, and boosts the digestive process. Overall, it will decide how bad your breakouts will be in the future because of the many things that it covers. Make smoothies or have salads made out of shreds of raw papaya, if you like savory.


For the different needs of your body, different types of foods have to go into your system. Anything going downhill quickly shows up on the face. So after a long homework, you will notice that cutting back triglycerides and high-glycemic foods are also bad for acne as they worsen them. They upset gut functioning which then brings out more pimples all over. Therefore, a holistic approach to the prevention of acne is essential. You can not fully depend on these foods to work up the wonder for you. It will also depend on how much of these foods are you consuming and in what form they are taken. It will all be good as long as you are reading the labels carefully. Keep hydrating yourself!

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