The facial skin is a canvas representing the various concerns of your body. That is why every inconvenience shows up on your face clearly for you or anyone to notice that something is not right or that you are going through something. Although it is hard to figure out what exactly has been happening or what you exactly ignored, some precautionary steps come in handy no matter how bad any of your bodily systems have been for some time. So, here we go through 5 such ways to help you deal with your cystic acne effectively.


  1. More Fluids

Don’t bother people taking it lightly but more fluid taken in would ensure more hydration to your skin. Water can not only help maintain your body temperature which will placate the causes of acne but also soothe your skin with the supply of hydration. This is why you should focus on drinking more water. Consider replacing junk snacking with healthy drinks. Another advantage here is that water will flush out toxins from your bloodstream.

More Fluids

  1. Detoxing

Yes, your body has been containing a lot of toxins for quite a long time and now it is popping out acne on your face to let you know. There can be innumerable reasons why your cystic acne is flaring up – bad digestion, poor diet and water intake, chronic disease, toxic topical cream, a medical condition like PCOD, and exposure to infection, among others. The toxins so developed can only be taken out if water intake is appropriate. Drinks containing lemon, turmeric, and green veggies will help tackle bodily toxins and would deliver radiance too.


  1. Topical Treatments

Once you have taken note of cleansing your body from within, figure out what ointments will act most responsibly on your cystic acne with your dermatologist. It is better not to be misled by the fancy advertising that promises acne treatment through random creams as they have no research to back them and this falsified information can only make acne worse on your face. Take an expert’s help and use topical treatments religiously. These essentially contain infection killers and protection for the skin barrier.

Topical Treatments

  1. Healthy Gut

A healthy gut is often compromised for the greed of the tongue and the tastebuds. This often leads to upset stomach and absorption processes. The water here plays a vital role in keeping your bowels in check. A healthy functioning digestive tract will save you from more cysts and pustules, clearing your uneven texture. Of course, your body will take its time to heal but this way, you will prevent any future acne.

Healthy Gut

  1. Oral Dosage

Whatever medication your doctor prescribes will target your acne most accurately. This oral dose of your medications will act most effectively and you will need to depend on them, not missing even a day. If you are through with bringing in positive changes in your diet and upkeep, they will do the rest for you. Focusing on the disease will simplify the treatment by eradicating the very cause.

Oral Dosage

Although it is always wise to consult a derma before you get started on your good-riddance journey, these steps can come fundamental to your needs like first-aid. These ways will also help you identify what is working and what is not given that the basic things are being taken care of. We know it is painful to deal with acne, the facial sensitivity is peaking and you run out of solutions. For this, connect with your doctor and try to understand the root cause while you work on your lifestyle.

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