Winters are the best excuse for anyone to wear tights. It not only helps in keeping legs protected from blistering cold but also helps in making the outfit. Though some are brave enough to keep their legs bare in such frigid weather but tights can always come handy not only as an extra layer for warmth but also to add some character and drama to the look. Wearing tights with your outfit can do a lot of good things for your look and it also possibly helps in upgrading your outfit in a go. However, just as simple as wearing tights are, wearing the right shoes with them is equally dreadful. Determining which pair of shoes will work best with them can be quite daunting but definitely not impossible. There are definitely some fashion rules concerning the pairing of tights and shoes, but as long as you are maintaining a line between good and bad, you can rock many different shoes with tights. To help you decide what shoes will work well for you, we have rounded up a list of 5 different shoes that will help you streamline your look and make you feel like a fashion diva in no time.

Combat boots

The first best thing about combat boots is they are extremely functional and stylish which can easily be paired with a number of outfits. Another great thing about them is they can be dressed up or dressed down according to the need of the hour. The punky edginess these combat boots add to the look is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Combat boots are a perfect finishing touch to a tights look and one can never really go wrong with this choice of shoes as they elevate the look in a go and also are a great alternative to heels.


Edgy shoes are not the only thing that can go well with tights, in fact, you can go a little light and comfortable with loafers that can instantly add some spunk and character to the look. One will never need to compromise comfort for style as these shoes are a perfect combination of style and comfort. This is a great solid option to pair with tights as loafers will never disappoint you with how incredibly amazing they look with tights. Amongst all the other pairings, this combination will undoubtedly be a winner.

Ankle booties

Classics are classic for a reason and ankle booties are one of the classics that never fails to look stylish every time. Whether crafted in leather, patent, suede or any other material, booties are an excellent choice for anyone to wear during winters. You can easily pair these boots with different styles of tights so one must definitely have at least one pair of these boots in their wardrobe. As far as color is concerned, black will always be the classic and timeless choice but you can also go will the colorful ones to add some punch to the look.

Pointed stilettos

Pointed stilettos are undoubtedly the most classic and flattering pair of shoes to wear with your tights. This combination looks every bit of feminine and stylish and also helps in giving you a ladylike appearance. These shoes hold the ability to instantly add more drama and personality to even the most basic look, making you stand out from the crowd. If you are not comfortable wearing high heels, then you can also opt for a pair of shoes with low and chunky heels for extra support and comfort. You can also play with colors if you want to intensify the overall appearance.


Well, you mustn’t be expecting this pair of shoes on this list but as the latest trend goes, sneakers are another great way to work up your tights. Not only they are extremely comfortable but are also incredibly stylish pair of footwear that can never cease to amaze us with how effortlessly chic and trendy they look. This casual pairing will help in adding some edginess to the look while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

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