Aloe vera Tricks To Have Clear Skin At Home

Aloe vera Tricks To Have Clear Skin At Home

We all have been hearing this probably all our lives how Aloe vera has tons of benefits for our skin and beauty. Well, it is a natural plant and we have heard it time and again how this plant is useful to cure skin issues. Even a few dermatologists recommend applying the gel of this plant directly to our face. Some of the high-quality skincare products have natural Aloe vera in them; it has not only been proven beneficial for skin but hair as well. So we will present to you today some of the Aloe vera gel tricks which will help you in several ways.

Body wash

Before we tell you how to make this body wash, we would like to share what are its benefits. Firstly while choosing a body wash we always lay our eyes on the one the product will it do for our skin right? So this body wash will give you clear and bright skin besides this will be a gentle cleanser, so if you have sensitive skin then it will be skin-friendly. The Aloe vera present in the mixture will keep your body hydrated all the time without making it dry especially keeping it moisturized. Now to prepare this wash firstly take a bowl and half a cup of castile soap. Now, add less than a quarter half of Aloe vera gel, further add a tablespoon of Grapeseed oil. Give a final touch with any of your favorite fragrances such as lavender oil, peppermint, etc. It has to be kept in cool and dry conditions to last for around 3 months.

Face wash

We all want a face wash that doesn’t make our skin feel dry and we don’t get the oily skin with the time. This face wash will help you remove all the dirt from the face, as it is gentle and there are certain elements that will help your skin to be blemishes free. The essential oils can be added for toning purposes. In order to make this face wash take a bowl of Castile oil, a quarter less than half of Aloe vera juice, and lastly 2 table-spoon of jojoba oil. If you like you can add a few drops of tea tree oil, or any other essential oil to add a little bit of fragrance. It has to be kept in cool and dry conditions to last for around 3 months.

Face or Hair Gel

Take a leaf of natural Aloe vera and separate the inside gel from the outer coverage. In order to peel the skin it suggested that you remove the root end first and peel of the sides as they are pointed. Now, remover the upper layer which is a little round first with a help of a knife, you can use your fingers as well. Now, once the upper green leave is separated, cut small chunks of Aloe vera and remove the bottom part. Add all of it to the blender with some filtered water to make it a little liquidy. Now to separate the pulp from the blend using a thin stocking. Add the blended liquid to it strain it once and then strain it again after add half a cup of water. You will have Aloe vera gel easy to apply on your hair or face. Keep it in the refrigerator it will last for 2 months.

Aloe vera Moisturizer

Use a glass bowl pour a cup of Aloe vera gel to it. Add a spoon of jojoba oil. Mix the two together until you see a white creamy texture. Now, add 5 drops of essential oil like rose, lavender, or tea tree. Mix it well and store it in a container. If you will use the above mentioned Aloe vera gel then you will have to make a fresh batch each day. You need the actual market gel for it.
Note: Whenever you are using Aloe vera it is always suggested to use glass, wooden, or plastic. Using a steel or aluminum spoon is not the right choice.

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