ASOS is a British online retailer selling over 850 posh brands as well as their own range in fashion and beauty personally curated for you. ASOS is the dream world of shopping because the one thing we crave for after placing an order is its delivery. And this online platform offers next day delivery at such an amazing speed saving us from all the hustle and impatience. ASOS was first launched in the year 2000 with the aim of bringing to your notice what the celebrities are wearing. That’s why it was called ‘As seen on screen’. It was initially a celebrity-linked website to help you in dressing like your favorite celebrity. But then it ditched this name in 2003 and came out as ASOS to be widely known as this acronym alone.

ASOS has established itself as the best online fashion platform with the most distinctive retail products. Its position as a global giant has lured countless customers who are all trend lovers. ASOS has successfully built a very loyal customer fan base who look forward to its products and updates online. Whether or not they offer discounts and deals, ASOS continues to make its stable sales and spread satisfaction of another level. It offers ‘A-Z’ 80,000 brands from all over the world in categories like dresses, t-shirts, trousers, shoes, jewelry, and beauty. ASOS specializes in curating products for youngsters who are game for fast fashion and unique trends.

ASOS has a wide range of apparel for both men and women and is extending rapidly right now as you read this blog. It has surpassed all limits in providing the best quality products. With so much division in clothing like club classics range, laid-back apparel, bar edits; they are just so intriguing that you just can’t stop at one. Everything is at affordable prices and keeps you updated about all the latest picks. Even the men collection is classified in a fascinating way like textures, knitwear, party smashes, etc. All high-end brands in fashion are available online in every category you name! The range in footwear and accessories is mesmerizing. It offers promotional deals like up to 30% off on footwear and on first orders. This is to lure new customers because old ones are sticking for decades. Once you start shopping at this retail store, there’s no going back empty-handed!

Satisfying a community that is so large can be tough sometimes but ASOS has aced in that field too. They have come to your doorstep and we don’t mean literally! It’s like they have so much passion to provide you ample amount of fashion-related information. And how? They have made their way through news articles, stylists’ recommendations and social media to help you get inspired by the latest looks and styles in the fashion industry. Whether it is accessories or beauty and wellness, you can find everything personally mentioned for you on the website. They offer more than 30 sizes in apparel and help to find your perfect fit in countless brands. Everyone is beautiful and they wish to embrace that confidence in you.

Another major attraction at ASOS is its two-day delivery where you receive your orders within two business days. This is to help you cope with all the impatience! It also offers Express Delivery which arrives even faster-perhaps 24 hours! Place your order before 7 pm and you’ll have it in your hand the next day. This feature has saved the majority of us on so many occasions. They offer birthday discounts and special coupons to Prime members after shopping for a certain level of amount. So much warmth and personalized features can be seen as a part of their business strategy, that’s why they have come a long way.

Customer policy and returns are easy-peasy and there’s no complaint box for this platform. You’ll find everything you crave for. And in case that wasn’t enough, they have also got a range of first-class face and body products. ASOS aims to offer a wide range like curvy, tall, petite, and maternity so that every woman gets all the stuff she needs to invent her own style.

ASOS  wants to make every day of yours extraordinary with the best possible picks from around the world and the most amazing exclusives ever!


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