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Chic and fun ways to wear disco makeup

Who doesn’t really like some hints of glitz and glamour in their looks? we are pretty sure everyone does, and if that’s a kind of look that always get you excited and makes you want to try it right away, then you’re in for a treat as disco makeup is having a moment right now, […]


5 Basics you need to build a capsule wardrobe in 2021

What’s a wardrobe without basics? Your wardrobe can’t really function without adding some basic items to it. While most basics are indispensable, some make it to our wardrobe seasonally or when they are trending. Having just basics in your wardrobe can help you create some of the coolest and chicest outfits, you don’t always need […]


Sweaters to add to your closet in 2021

Fashion girls always have their priorities straight, they know what piece they need at what time. For them, the arrival of winter is not marked by freezing temperatures or first snowfall, but they kickstart the season by accumulating new cozy sweaters. Sweaters are a timeless winter wardrobe staple; they come in a wide range of […]

5 Ways facial yoga benefits your skin

Premature skin aging can be any woman’s one of the worst nightmares. Noticing the first sign of aging on the skin is just not the best feeling, and it makes us feel like going back in time and doing everything we can to prevent it from happening. As soon as we notice the first sign […]