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Reasons to not use body lotion on your face

Having the right skincare products in your vanity doesn’t really make you a genius until you know how to use them properly. Every skincare product is formulated for different concerns, and they definitely don’t work in a similar way your makeup products work. Unlike your makeup products, your skincare products aren’t really capable of multitasking, […]

Work-from-home outfit ideas that are anything but boring

We have a love-hate relationship with the work-from-home phase. Some days, it can feel fun and comforting, and some days, it feels no less than punishment, granting it can get extremely boring staying at home all the time. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become the new normal, and while […]

Some Hacks to Make Your Basic Style Better

Basics have been and will be your wardrobe essential. They are a certain specific type of clothing that is to be worn by you. There are basics for summers, spring, winter, and autumn. The basics are never in neutral shades only. They are many colors and patterns as well. Some people feel that the basics […]

How to Style Your Basics for Everyday?

Basics are the key elements of your wardrobe. If you have ever hired a wardrobe stylist; they would suggest you get the basics for your wardrobe. The quality is the key. Since basics are timeless pieces, they will stay forever with you. If you happen to be wondering what are these basics that we have […]

Make your skin glow in 4 easy steps

After following endless amounts of home remedies and preparing those DIY masks, not being able to get glowing skin can feel a bit disappointing and disheartening, to say the least. While your skincare routine is one of the main keys to having a glowing skin, sometimes all those products aren’t enough to make your skin […]