Each one us craves for flawless skin, a bright texture of the skin and a healthy body. And for that, we make sure to put in efforts to achieve those goals. But sometimes in the process of flawless skin and body goals, we end up believing some myths that might not be true. These myths have been prevalent from the olden days but have no meaning in reality. They were thought to be true for no logical reason of their own and that’s what passed onto the generations. It is actually kinds funny how many crazy beauty myths we still believe even when they sound ridiculous! So, we’re here to set you straight on some of the most common beauty myths that you thought to be true, just because the rest of the world does!

Plucking a grey hair will lead to more grey hair

The most untrue thing in the world that you actually thought to be true! This one here is actually pretty hilarious because believing the fact that plucking one gray hair will grow more hair in its place is very illogical. The reason our hair turns grey is that our bodies produce less melanin with age and this melanin is responsible for the black or brown color of our hair. So, when it is produced less, we experience grey hair on your heads. So, basically, it has nothing to do with pulling out a hair strand. It is anyway going to be there because your body is producing less melanin! Login said right; this one is a complete myth and must be shunned right away. So, if you have grey hair that you want to remove, cut it carefully so that your hair follicles are not damaged.

That an oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer

This is the biggest myth of all time. In a skincare routine, it is said that all those have oily skin do not need to moisturize their skin. But this is not true. If you believe this one and follow it, then it can wreck your skin to the core. Every skin needs moisturizer, although the amount of moisture needed might vary. So, even if your skin is oily, it can still be dehydrated and thus, crave moisture. If you don’t moisturize, you will cause your skin to produce more oil and that will lead to breakouts. To hydrate your skin in the most appropriate amount, you need to ensure that you pick a good one for your oily skin base and hydrate it. Use it in a less amount so that it settles evenly in the skin. A lightweight moisturizer that has a gel base is ideal for your oily skin.

Shaving leads to darker & faster growth of hair

This one is definitely a myth and is not at all true. The thing about waxing and shaving is that they help in removing body hair and have proved to be the best ways to do so. But if you believe the fact that shaving will lead to a darker and early growth of your hair, then you might not be doing it right. No matter how you remove your hair, they will grow back as per the tendency of your body’s hair growth system. But shaving your body or facial hair doesn’t make it grow back any thicker or faster which is why it is a proven convenient method. The only difference between waxing and shaving is that after waxing, the hair regrows with a finer tip than with shaving and this makes us feel that hair has become thick. No matter how you cut hair, it can’t change the growth as this is rooted in the follicle. This can be different for every person out there. Simply exfoliate your skin before shaving and moisturize later for smooth skin texture.

That you can tweeze above the eyebrows as well

This one is partially true. Firstly, you should know that you should never tweeze your hair above the brows. This is because if you do so, you will unnecessarily damage the arch of your brows and cause an uneven line. If you want to ruin the shape of your brows, go ahead. But if you want to save yourself from the horror, then tweeze as little as possible and remove only the stray hair. These might be messing the entire look and it is okay to pluck them out. But do not make this one a habit.

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